Fearing Rejection !!!! – no don’t unsubscribe !!

How much contact is enough ?

Am I bothering you ?

Will you still like me if I promote myself ?

and the list goes on …….

All self worth issues and do you really give a hoot. Are you scared to send out your newsletter to your community in case someone unsubscribes ?  Because you know you always will get someone who does. And you know what ? …. Its ok.  Don’t take it personally, just let them go. They are not rejecting you, they are just moving on. They may come back and they may not. Its their choice not yours.

I say this because I actually felt this way in the past. I see who unsubscribes and to admit at first I was like … ohhhh what did I do, was it too much, did I drop a swear word they did not like, oh I better not do that in my next newsletter, and on and on it goes.

When really its “Not right now”. They can be going down another path, could be they joined your community for something that was going on in their life, and now its not an issue for them anymore and so they are making space for new things.

Its kind of like when I had my two little bubs I was dreaming starting a Maternity clothing swap business (always looking for opportunity in something that interests me).  But then they turned 5 & 7 and I was over my baby phase so if I had started that business I would surely have had enough of it.  (tip create a business that you will love forever not just a seasonal one)

Hope you get what I mean there.  And so today I am sharing an opportunitywith you to spend a whole day with me where we look at your Life Purpose and how to set up a Business that works to EXPRESS that fully.  To help you take back your Power and shine in the world. Not to be embarrased to share your gifts and be paid for them.

I have made a truly awesome offer for those who are ready … or just check in with your Solar plexus. If its fluttering then you are ready :).

Take a look here and like I said its a fabulous offering ……

If this is not the right “time” for you then kindly go about your day and I truly thank you for being part of the community and hope that I am provided value for you in some shape or form. Its an honour actually to have you here and of course if you need to leave then you can – using the unsubscribe button.

(thanks to those who sent me emails saying it wasn’t there, It was just in white so you couldn’t see it.  It wasn’t a ploy I promise)

Wishing you just a fabulous Goddess on Purpose Day.

PS:  Goddess on Purpose POWER VIP day details

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
Goddess, please share, like and follow my blog!



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