Feelings are ok – stop the numb out

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This week I made a video about how we can numb out and push those “feelings” away. In a world where we are just stimulated all over the place because there is so much to feel so much to see and so much to hear.

Sometimes we can just get so overwhelmed especially if you are an empath and there are many ways that we can numb out. We can use drugs and alcohol, overworking, food, sugar, just name your addiction but really all we are doing is pushing our feelings deeper into ourselves.

This is not great. The video that I made because is about the Life Lesson called numbing out, shame and victimization.

If we talk to our feelings we acknowledge them and that is the first step. One negative thought or belief is if we express ourselves in the world we put ourselves up for fearful rejection.

Expressing ourselves from our heart can be painful for a lot of us. Speaking our truth to a loved one standing, up for ourselves putting in the way of boundaries especially for some women can be challenging. So instead return away we turn away burying those feelings further inside ourselves or the alternative is we explode with rage when all just gets too much.

In hand analysis, this life lesson one way this can be turned around and get you off the couch not feeling is to engage your fire energy and moving into your passions for life.

ian-schneider-66374-unsplash.jpgBut first, we have to find our passion and desire. What are we going to be the advocate for ?. Who can we stand for what is our movement in this world?

Choose one passion at a time and dive deeply into it.


Light the match of passion and desire underneath yourself and start to feel.

For me, my numb out was wine. Coming home after a hard day’s work just wanting to relax but knowing there are still so much to do in the house. Meals to prepare, kids to bath, relationships to nurture and tomorrow to plan for.

Just so much and the list was never-ending. So out comes the wine, just one glass I would say to myself. But that one glass leads to another. The meals were cooked but then I really didn’t feel like doing anything after so I would sit on the couch and start to watch TV, which can be and numbing experience in itself.

I don’t have anything against watching TV, I love a good Netflix binge as the next person, but when I do I try to be conscious of the reason I’m doing it.

Is it for relaxation or entertainment or is it purely because I don’t want to deal with what’s in front of me. And you have this choice also. We all need the timeout, we all need self-care time.

Just choose wisely and be conscious of the reason. It’s nice to have a wine every now and then (for me) it’s a Venus type pleasure for me but I need to be conscious of that choice.

In the past, I’ve definitely used over-working as an another way of not dealing with the challenges in front of me. If I can keep working then I have a false sense that I’m doing something good, when really I need to have an honest conversation with somebody and express how I’m feeling.

Being honest with yourself, catching a habit that is forming and feeling safe about expression of me is my calibration points.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, have an amazing week and weekend in front.

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