Self-Reflections: Forgiving myself takes away the disappointment of making mistakes

My mind is a powerful object, so I feed it with positive truths about myself. I tell myself that I am more than just my mistakes. Forgiveness curbs negative self-thought.

I am human in my dislike for the feeling that comes with making mistakes. There are victories that I envision myself celebrating. But I am careful to encourage myself even when I miss out on those victories because of mistakes.

Sometimes when I act based on emotion, I make hasty decisions. When they result in an unfavorable outcome, I take some time to replay the scenario in my head.

Once I am able to identify the source of my misstep, I begin the process of healing and forgiveness. It is okay to make mistakes once I am ready and willing to learn from them. Being human sometimes means erring in judgement.

Focusing on big goals involves putting aside smaller distractions for a while. Taking this approach allows me to concentrate and stand a greater chance of success.

Whenever things go unexpectedly due to my inability to focus, I take a deep breath and tell myself that it is okay. The more positive words I tell myself, the greater my resolve to dust myself off and start over.

Today, making mistakes is a part of my growth process. I am okay with learning from even my least favorite experiences. There is a lesson in each circumstance. My eyes and heart are wide open to learning for more positive outcomes in the future.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What does my self-talk in forgiveness sound like?
  2. When is it okay to be hard on myself for making mistakes?
  3. How easy is it for me to adjust my approach after disappointing outcomes?
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