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Hi everyone, Luanne here. I thought I’d do a quick check-in today, going live.

I’s been a while since I’ve done a Live. I’m only just doing a video but time managing – time management, that’s what I’m trying to do but anyway, today I am doing a Live.

Hiya Kim! I hope you can hear me okay.

So I wanted to talk about something today. So, I think I put in something about anxiety today. There’s a lot I’ve noticed over the last few days or weeks that there’s a lot of people, and I can talk for myself too because, we will they and us but really its about me, that there’s this anxiety coming up and it can show up in that overwhelm, and it can shock and be just frozen-

Hi Di! How are you going? I saw your message today, your kids are back at school, yay!

So I just wanted to check in about this anxiety. So, with- what’s the thing with anxiety? Its when you think too much in the future. So you’re thinking about something that hasn’t even happened yet and so you have this head stuff going on or can bring up anxiety in your body. And I’ve been talking to Pamela, Pamela Landers, we’re doing a Life Purpose Training coming in April and we talk about the Life Schools. And each Life School that you’re in, the different feelings that come in with the anxiety. So there’s four – there’s School of Service, School of Love, School of Peace, and School of Wisdom.

I am School of Service, so my anxiety comes up as the overthinking and it’s like I get this sparks coming up and that can make me freeze and definitely I’ve dealt with anxiety as a lot of you have. In the past, I had anxiety that just get me stuck at home, I wouldn’t even go and get groceries. I would be forced to because we have to eat but it was really debilitating. So, I moved through that through different practices but I still can feel anxiety and definitely sometimes just looking at what’s happening in the world.

But coming back to the work here, so for my anxiety being in the School of Service its this head stuff. You can put in how you’re feeling, do you feel it in your body, or do you pop-out. So for School of Service, I know that if I have this anxiety come up, that I have to- what is my spiritual practice? Is it meditation? Is it walking? Am I journaling? And I notice that if I’m not doing one of those things, that’s where the anxiety can get a hold of me. So that’s what I would do for the School of Service.

If you’re in one of the other Schools, School of Peace, and they feel their anxiety more so in their body. So when I say that they will pop-out, so they disconnect. And for them, their practice would be to go out to nature, to take their shoes off and feel the grass or get by the water. So the other thing is, if we are feeling this anxiety is to chunk things down. We’ve got big things we want to do, and that overwhelm comes with, I mean sometimes I look at my desk and I feel a little bit overwhelmed.

So the one project that I’m on, what’s the one thing that I can do today that will help me move forward on that, if that make sense. So, I think its all about feeling, we do feel that anxiety, it is going to come up. It is just something that comes up, and so remembering what practices that take you out of that. Staying present. For me, I like to do the out of Human Presence Meditation, not that meditation but it can be a help for some, but for me it’s that meditation, and journaling really helps me in focusing on that one thing.

So I hope that helped today. And if anybody can share what they do when they are feeling anxious, just put it below and we are going to be doing a- Pamela and I are going to be doing a webinar on that exact thing. How each of your Life Schools, how their anxiety comes up for you, and how to work through that. So I just pressed on too quickly today, haven’t even made the link yet, I just said it was something that I’m inspired to do because there are a lot of people who are feeling anxious out there.

Much love to you! Thank you for watching and see you later.

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Blissings Luanne

PS: Join me on the webinar here

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