Goddess Kali and how she helps us in Business

How To Use The Energy Of Goddess Kali In Your Business 

Goddess Kali is an epitome of strength. Women have come a long way since the stringently patriarchal days. Yet, women empowerment has still not reached its zenith. Women entrepreneurs need to use the energy of Kali and hone their own strength.  

Strength is often seen as a masculine attribute and it is almost always manifested in the form of physical strength. Kali not only stands for physical strength but innate strength as well. Physical strength can be challenged and it can be beaten but psychological strength, the power of one’s thoughts, conviction and confidence can seldom be shaken. Women are often compelled to accept that strength is not their domain. It is not only a wrong perception but also a poor understanding of the power that a woman possesses. A woman’s strength lays in dedication, intent, conviction and an innate urge to do what she truly believes in. Seldom is a woman’s conviction vulnerable to external influence. These are the traits that a woman should develop in oneself. These traits are already there, they just need to be honed further. 

Another crucial energy that Kali personifies is courage. Strength and courage is not the same thing. Often, it is perceived that strong people are courageous. That is very far from the truth. A strong person can be a coward and a weak person can be extremely courageous. Kali stands for both and a woman should be both strong and courageous. Business is a game of taking risks, believing in oneself and it is an arena where one has to fight to survive and win to succeed. Women need to develop their strength and have the courage to use their strength. Unused strength is wasted and if one doesn’t have the courage to stand up for what one truly believes then the entire endeavor would be futile. 

Finally, Kali also stands for change. She is a goddess who has never been fearful of any changes, even when life hasn’t been fair to her and even when her beloved hasn’t been kind to her affection. She had taken the world of evil head on and fought her way through. She is the acme of strength, courage and change. 

Women entrepreneurs should welcome change because that is the only way forward. Being weary of change or not having the courage and strength to change with time would be counterproductive for business.  

As she is depicted …..

Kali – Hindu Goddess of Destruction 

Kali is a Hindu goddess. She is described as a fierce goddess of destruction but what is not widely known is that she stands as much for maternal attributes as much for her wrath and fury. Goddess Kali is a consort of Shiva, the Hindu god who is also depicted as a destroyer.  

The ancient scriptures do portray Kali as a destroyer but she is primarily the destroyer of evil. She is an independent woman who is feared by all and sundry. The mythological worlds were as much patriarchal as societies of modern day, if not more. In such a world of Hindu mythology, it is only Kali who is depicted in an unconventional way. While all other goddesses in Hindu mythology are shown as beautiful, sari clad and very feminine women, Kali is portrayed as one who looks angry, quite violent and she is also shown in attire made of tiger skin sporting a necklace of skulls. The image may be quite graphic but it is her attributes that resonate more significantly for the modern woman. 


Goddess Kali stands for courage. Her wrath, anger or tendency to get violent stems from the fact that she didn’t bow down to any patriarchal norms and had the courage to defy the societal rules. She stood against all odds, from both the good and evil, to be what she was. She even took on the gods of her times and it was the gods who had to eventually give up their resistance to her dominance. Despite being married to Shiva, she didn’t get to raise a family with him since he had been remarried. That didn’t deter her to find her own course of life. That holds a lot of resonance in modern context.  


Kali is also the goddess of time and change. She knows perfectly well that the world wouldn’t remain the same forever and that time changes everything. It is this innate nature to welcome change and to accept it that can change the perspectives of most women in the modern world. Being resistive to change has not helped anyone attain anything.  


Finally, Kali is all about strength. When Parvati who is also known as Durga, another Hindu goddess, couldn’t defeat the Asuras despite being equipped with weapons by many gods and goddesses, it was Kali who was summoned. Kali, who is also regarded as an incarnation of Durga, is a strong woman in comparison with the benevolent woman that Durga epitomizes.  



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