How do you handle feedback?

Can you handle feedback ? (or like that actor who says “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH” 😉 Jack Nicholson style

Hi everyone! Luanne here, cuppa with Luanne today, except there’s no cuppa because I have no power. It’s a little bit dark in here so I’m having a glass of water.

I wanted to check in because the topic today was – can you handle feedback?

And the reason why I’m sharing that today is – How do you handle feedback? Yesterday I did a video for my upcoming retreat, Its going on my retreat page, and it was about the 5th take. I just went you know what, that’s it, I’m going to put it up then I write the rest of the copy. I sent it out to a couple of people so they could have a look at it. And these are people that I know and trust and I really wanted honest feedback from them.

And I got it, I totally got it.

One of my friends, when I saw her today, she said to me, oh are you okay with the feedback that I gave you? And I went into – Oh yeah it was really awesome! The feedback was – You weren’t looking at me straight on. And then I went yeah I know, I actually got that.

And then somebody else said to me that was fine. Let’s just put it up, its ready to go. And I said, did you notice I wasn’t looking directly at the camera? And she said, I don’t really notice it, it’s good to go. And when I spoke to my friend today, she said is it okay about feedback, I wasn’t sure about giving you feedback.

One: I wouldn’t ask feedback if I didn’t want that and I think Feedback is the breakfast of champions. It’s such an awesome thing to ask for honest feedback and then take that on. I wasn’t triggered by it, I actually really appreciate what she has to say. And it’s like in anything that you get, any feedback about anything that’s warranted.

And I saw today on somebody else’s post, somebody gave her some feedback back on something and it kind of triggered me, but I went – Oh really? do you really need to put it there in a public forum? And I noticed some people can give feedback on things without really being asked for it and without being truly kind.

Use the feedback sandwich, say something nice about it, give them the honest feedback in the middle, something that they can improve on, and then end with something positive. But what I saw, was this person was being really vulnerable and they commented on something which made me want to do this video.

That was my little thing about my feedback on this video and probably more about the feedback that I got because I really honestly love that, not being so perfectionist because I don’t want to do it again.

I don’t know if you’ve had that experience and how you can take feedback, and you can take feedback from lot’s of different people especially when you ask for it, its a good thing.

Anyway, that’s my video today. I’m waiting for my power to come on so I can get back to work and have an amazing evening/afternoon. Big love, bye for now.

Many blissings, Luanne.

PS:  here is the link for my retreat video

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