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How does a Goddess do Business?

I found these written in one of my note books / journals.  Reading again is a great reminder of my Purpose. Do you have your own list? When you feel wobbly (as business can be just like a spiritual practice) – pull your list out and let all that goodness drop in. Remind yourself and your Soul.

  • She knows her tribe – who she is here to support
  • She has boundaries and principles she lives by
  • She is protective and also expansive
  • She learns from other people the skills she needs
  • She is open
  • She is creative and playful
  • She knows her desires and calls them in
  • She looks at her patterns and shadows and embraces them wholeheartedly
  • She keeps her word with integrity
  • She looks after her money and abundance
  • She makes things fun
  • She has love for her business and does not leaves judgement and conditioning at the door
  • She can voice her opinions and keeps other people’s secrets and sacred
  • She trusts her intuition and takes action and makes decisions
  • She knows her Purpose and connects to her bliss
  • She connects to her spiritual team, her physical team and is supportable.

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