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How Gift Marking Line of Clairvoyance help with your Trust, Intimacy and Surrender Challenges ❤

Hello gorgeous ones, how are you? Just checking if we are live in the Goddess Inner Circle. I’m also going live on my Instagram at the same time, how cool is that? And the time is triple two, angel numbers. 

So I wanted to come in and share today a quick video about how one of your gift markings, the line of clairvoyance, can help you with a life lesson of trust, surrender, and intimacy. 

I’m a master hand analyst and teacher, I go between the two here, and I use scientific hand analysis to really help healers who are hiding out to come out and show up in the way that they are supposed to be – on purpose and really proud to share their gifts with the world because the science in hand analysis has been tried and tested and true and really supports you have that confidence. 

So I was doing a reading this morning with somebody and she had this amazing line of clairvoyance. So if you have got the gift markign guide I got, go to my website, if you’re in Instagram you can click on the link up top. So a line of clairvoyance is a line that is kind of a semi-circle that shows up in the bottom zone here. And this is the moon zone, so I’ll put that to Instagram, the moon zone of your hand. Now its a gift marking, gift markings are extra potential, extra support for your life purpose. Now in the fingerprints, now I know you’ve heard this before its good to listen again, your fingerprints never change, they’re your souls purpose and your life lesson, right, your nemesis, and the gift markings support that. She actually had a life lesson of trust, surrender, and intimacy on her fingerprint. And so she’s got this giftmarking, the line of clairvoyance, which basically means that she’s here to help others in this crisis of meaning. Its this amazing intuition that is on 24/7, you cannot turn it off, it is there, it is meant to be used. You can see when people are kind of going through troubles, you can see the meaning why they’re going through that trouble. And there’s always this, if you have heard of this you need to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough, we’ve got this hit rick bottom, not every time, if you’re aware and you’re doing your inner work you don’t really have to smash the bottom, but sometimes if we ignore what our purpose is, if we ignore the signs that we get, all these little nudges from the universe, you will have that breakdown and then you can come through that. 

The poeple with the line of clairvoyance see what that’s all about. And so in her work, what she should be doing, what she can be doing, is helping them really put the pieces together. Put their life back together, get them back on purpose because she’s training to be a hand analyst  as well. 

So I want to talk about the trust and surrender, so as a life lesson. A life lesson is the thing that really kind of stops us. Its that resistance that we come up agaisnt and its here to embrace it, own it,  and then flip it around. Her life lesson, one of them, is this trust and surrender. It feels like this, you will keep people right around here, not too close. Maybe you’ll be a little mistrustful of people, you just can’t be bothered. It can kind of show up as, and this is on the life lesson path, it can show up as intimacy breakdown with a partner or just intimacy challenge in relationship. Now the reason, the way that we are supposed to flip that around is to do your inner work as a healer, and she is an amazing healer. I’m going to put this tohgether in a moment so stay with me.

So the whole reason why she has this lesson is to learn how to trust herself. It’s not about other people out there mistrusting them, its how well do you know yourself. and the opposite of that life lesson in the fingerprints, is the healer and inspirational communicator. 

So she has been doing a lot of studying and doing cards, she’s highly intuitive with this line of claivoyance, see how they work together. The healer inspirational communicator with this clairvoyance that is just on 24/7 helping people through crisis of meaning, giving them the support that they need and really pulling back the veil. Some of us we can get so caught in our drama and our own experience, she’s like come on, this is what it really means and here are the steps to do that. As she works on her own intimac with herself and trust, and letting control go. This lesson feel like you want to control everything, you want to control things, you’re not surprised, you know the outcome but sometimes the universe, God, the divine, wants us to totally surrender, be in the experience of it. So when I told her she’s like – oh I absolutely get it. And she’s already reading hands of people. 

So I just wanted to come on and share that with you. How this gift marking, trusting this gift marking. If you;re not using gift markings, they can become a little bit painful in a way that they want to be acknowledged to be able to be used. So this one, instad of helping others eith their crisis of meaning, you will have your own. Its like what am I here to do etc… So bringing those together. if you ahve got, go and get the gift marking bookwork and you can have a look at your own hands, both hands, you might have this. You have to get your fingerprints to know if this is your life lesson or not, go and see a hand analyst, or come and join the course. 

I want to share with you a couple of things. In March, I am starting a new intake of Scientific Hand Analysis the program. You can go and find out more details about that on the and then just go to study hand analysis. It is actually a year-long program and its the last time I think I will be doing this in this format. So you’ll have me in there, I’m shairing the lessons with you every week, and you can start to read hands within 8 weeks. You don’t have to wait for that 12 months, if you want to do the study and you can read fingerprints, you can start reading other peoples hands. its also an amazing tool for yourself to know exactly what your purpose is. Where are you going to be held up and blocked a.k.a lessons but really where to flip those and if you’re already doing healings at the moment, what I find if you’re doing intuitive healings, or things like that, the science around hand analysis that can really give you that confidence and people when they hear about the scientific method, because there is a science. The science is being proven because the person who created this modality, he did thousands and thousands of hands and then from that, the data. The data is there, so its been proven. Rather than, how sometimes palmistry gets a bad rap, and its like – oh you use neuro intuition, you’re using markers, and you’re making it up, that’s not what this is. 

So if you want, if you are interested, let me know. private message me or go to and just look up the study of hand analysis. We start the new intake in March, early March, and there’s a few spaces left. So it’s a very small intimate group this one, and we’re starting it then. 

The other thing is if you are in Melbourne, tomorrow night here at my abode, I’m having a Goddess on Purpose Gathering. So we have the beautiful Kaia coming in as my inspirational guest. She is going to be showing something that will just really propel you forward in your purpose and your feminine essense. its really going to be fun. I put that link up and that’s tomorrow night in Melbourne. Two and a half hours, that’s a small intimate gathering as well, and I think we’ve got three places left. So let me know if you want to come. 

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