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How High Expectations Suck Big Time

High expectations suck

They are suckie,  suckie,  suck, suck, suck

Why you might be reading with a puzzled look on your face, well because if you don’t live up to your expectations of yourself what happens.

I will tell you what happens ….

You feel like a failure

You feel like a fraud

And you feel like you will never get to the top of the mountain and “arrive” because you actually realise you don’t like hiking anyway – you would much rather a dance class, or walk 10km in your own time.

Not the best metaphor but it’s what came ok.

There have been many times that I have felt like a failure.  It’s actually one of my life lessons.

It shows up as either “don’t bother trying as you will suck”  or “yeah I’m all over it right now let’s do it and I gain traction, then onto the next shiny object “ because I have to keep proving it wasn’t actually a fluke.  And that sucks too because it’s exhausting.

Also, high expectations of oneself really comes down to a self-worth challenge. 

And when self-worth is a challenge, other things like not investing in yourself can come up.

Some examples I have heard from prospective clients  – and I’ve heard them all – sometimes I even said them myself, caught myself and went and did work around that.

NOT Investing in a new desk for your office (whoa but Johnny needs those tennis lessons I can wait)

NOT Investing in a new phone (oh this ones fine it’s only 4 years old and doesn’t update anymore, and the video is a little grainy but when I really get serious about my healing business I will get a new one)

NOT Investing in a Mastermind program to grow my business (umm because I might actually have to Step out – and if it doesn’t work then my family will do the roll their eye thing again or how can I spend that money on my future when we really need a new kitchen/caravan/ insert here your version

And a lot of the time it’s not even about the money – we talked about the Myth of the bedraggled healer in the live series 

You can go here to get the recap – up for 5 more days only


So back to these high expectations – and the beautiful lesson they taught me

1.   You do not have to answer to anyone except yourself

2.  You are totally worth moving towards your dreams

3.     Time is an illusion so stop putting off what you really desire

4.     CELEBRATE – everything 

5.     Stop multi-tasking – focus and finish

6.     ASK FOR SUPPORT and PAY FOR THE RIGHT SUPPORT (Aunty Agnes might not be the one to ask but she sure gives great hugs)

So ponder time gorgeously – does this sound like you?  Or perhaps you have another Achilles heal that can stop you from really going for your desires. 

I have been sharing in the Goddess Inner circle over the past 3 days – how to use the Chakras and Goddess-ence archetypes to Step out and Shine in your business.

Click here if you want to check them out:

1. People – Your Tribe

2. Play & Pleasure – Your creative services

3. Personal Power – Courage to show up, boundaries

4,5,6 & 7 will be live over the next few days.

Hit reply if you want to share what’s going on for you – I love hearing from you and I always reply.

PS: Book in a call with me if you are ready to put yourself first.  Remember as you shine, you light the way for your sister beside you …..

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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