How i read hands without your actual hands

How I read hands without your physical hands here – a video I needed to do a long time ago – so I’m on the fly today. Many people ask me do I do them distance or they say oh next time I’m in Melbourne I will come to see you – so voila this is how I do it <3 

Hi everyone! Luanne here and I’m on my business page today doing a Live video. Today, I’m going to share with you how I read hands without your actual hands. And it came to my attention recently that somebody didn’t actually know that I read hands. I’m all about Life Purpose and the way that I identify your Life Purpose is using your hands, using your fingerprints.

And its a form of palmistry but the science comes around the fingerprints. I made a video yesterday about assumptions and how you can assume that people know what you do when they actually don’t. That’s what I do, that’s part of my tools in my toolkit and that’s how I work with people, reading their Life Purpose in their hands. And it came to my attention, how do I read hands without your actual hands? And this is a video I’ve been trying to make for a really long time and today I’m just going to jump on and share with you how I can read your hands without you actually physically being in the room with me. I do hand readings all over the world and the reason why I can do that is that I send them a Hand Printing Kit.

When somebody books in for a Hand Reading with me, I send them one of these and in the envelope, its got a few things. First of all, its got your instructions. Its got a 3-page instruction with examples of what I need for you to send back to me. Then I send you some paper to print it on, but the real magic is this thing here. And this is what I use to read your hands. And I call this the CSI Printing Kit because it does come from a certain place and the police get them to do your fingerprints and its an Ink Kit. You get one of these in your pack and don’t worry, I will get you wipes.

So you also get 3 of these to wipe the ink off. And yes, this does 2 hands. I have had people come to me and say Oh you only sent one sheet. Actually, they come apart. You pull that apart and you put your hand on it. Then it inks up your whole hand, and you print your hand. You get your sheet, you put it on your hand and you rub it. You put that ink on there and then you peel it off, just imagine there’s black ink there, and be really careful, make sure your space is- you got all your pieces of paper out. And you grab your sheet of paper so you put it on, so its flat like that, and you push it. And you just put that ink on there and then you peel it off. And then what I’d asked you to do is put each of your finger below. What you come back with is something like this. The ink is all over there, and you have your handprint on there, and you do your fingerprints on there like that. How cool is that? And what I normally ask you is you do 2 of each hand, and then you can open up your wipes and wipe it all off. And believe me, 3 will get all of the ink off. And that my friend is how I get your hands, and then we get on Zoom, we get on Skype and I do the 60-minute reading Live with you and that’s why I can do them everywhere. Obviously, you have to post them back.

And from that, you will also get, after that reading, you will get the recording. I record it and I send you a link so you can get that recording back, and it’s a 3-page report. It’s a total summary of everything that’s in your hand and it could be gift markings, any challenge markings that you may have, and its all there. Pretty simple huh. Look at it like a child and its fingerprinting time. That’s how I do it and I hope you understand. if you want to book in to have a reading with me, you don’t have to come in person, I do them all around the world. And of course, you can come to see me in person if you’re in Melbourne. So that’s my video today, I hope you got that. 

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