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How to stop complicating your life purpose

Before I started writing my newsletter today I reached out to a friend and asked him,

“Why do you think some people think their Purpose is so complicated?”

To which he replied: “Well I am a simple man and I try not to overcomplicate things” ….. and that got my brain sparking off all kinds of things about Purpose.

Ultimately I will always come back to Scientific Hand Analysis when it comes to Purpose and I went to thinking about our life schools.

There are 4 life schools – and each is here to serve as our “playground” to learn and to master our foundation for our Purpose.

We can think of each one as an element, Earth, Air, Water & Fire but they are actually more than that.

So according to your fingerprints, your school is determined by how many of each pattern is on your fingerprints.  Your Soul decided before you incarnated about which “School” you would like to master this lifetime.
(See the end of this letter to find out how to determine yours)


Let’s look at the simplicity of our Purpose that our Life School can teach us:

School of Love
Here to express your feelings once you have felt them.
Love is the ability to establish and keep satisfying relationships.
School of love peeps can overcomplicate because you can feel challenged and don’t want to feel vulnerability or risk being rejected and not loved anymore – when
put if people can’t handle you at your worst then they most certainly don’t deserve you at your best. Keep expressing, keep feeling, keep sharing your authentic self.

School of Service
Here to serve not to save
You overcomplicate because you overthink. You can get stuck in your head and try to reason with brainpower when your superpower is having a superhighway to divine inspiration.

SIMPLY ask: Does this service come from a desire to help not control,
Empowers the giver and the receiver
Feels good regardless of the outcome
And do I feel comfortable saying no instead of serving under obligation (big no no for a school of service peep)

School of Wisdom
Wisdom peeps are here to participate in life not just sit by and be the observer of it.
While you might think that they are actually the over thinkers instead of school of service, they are not – they can really complicate things by over rationalising – by playing safe in life when

SIMPLY put they need to Commit, to bet their marbles (ie back themselves) and jump off the diving board of life instead of running to the edge of it – calculating how far down it is, how cold the water, do I have the right colour underwear on … stop it already and JUMP
It’s going to work for you either way!

School of Peace:
Here to have a life in balance – but can be complicated if they have too many juggling balls in the air. Taking on way too much responsibility be that yours or other peoples emergencies … all the time

SIMPLY : remember you are Peace, hard work is fine but leave time for your friends and family.
Find your own deep sense of peace within irrespective of circumstances. You are safe here.

What I have shared above is just a smidgeon of what each life school is about but I wanted to keep it SIMPLE for you.

If you don’t know what school you are in – I will upload day 5 of the Live series I just did where I talked about each school and how many fingerprints you need to have – you can watch it here.

Like we have heard many times before – KEEP IT SIMPLY SIMPLE or something similar to that.


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