How to stop staying stuck and get on Purpose

Hey, gorgeous one, Luanne Mareen here of goddessonpurpose.com and hand analysis academy. I’m bringing a video to you today called “How to stop what is stopping you from stopping you?”, I know, is that right grammar? Anyway, I’ve caught this video series “Lu’s Lowdown”, so, I really want to share more about scientific hand analysis with the community in general and I want to share how powerful it is that it can help you transform your own life. Be the catalyst for change even though that’s been said a lot in our community but if you are ready for change and if you’re ready to step into who you are and be aligned with your soul’s design then this is a beautiful modality that can support you. 

So, today I want to talk about the term what’s stopping you in hand analysis and you can go to my website goddessonpurpose.com or the hand analysis academy to learn more about that. In hand analysis there are things called fingerprints, right? Fingerprints never change. They are our soul’s contract or our soul’s agreement. If the contract feels a little bit too much for you. But really as a soul and if you’re watching and you don’t believe you have a soul, how does that work? I don’t know, but if you are watching this then that’s okay. Don’t listen, move along, move along. But to my belief and the people I’ve worked with in this spiritual businesses and people changing, maybe changing careers or just want some direction. They want more meaning in life when they come to me. There’s always this thing that they talk about and it’s “this is stopping me”. And So, I’m going back to the hands. In the fingerprints, in our fingerprints we have a purpose, for every finger and we have a lesson, a life lesson.Right? So, the life lesson is the thing that comes up. It feels really shitty, it feels bad when you’re experiencing it. If you’re a healer you’ve done lots of work on yourself before you’re like ”why is this thing coming up over  and over again. Here it is in a different form” and so, for instance a life lesson could be not trusting, not surrendering, intimacy challenges, powerlessness, guilt, jealousy, hiding out, muteness, and the list goes on. Like even when I’m feeling those they feel very heavy, right? They feel “oh my gosh… I don’t want to know what my lesson is.” but in fact the best thing to help you stop going into those lessons is awareness. It’s awareness because once you look at it, once you see the lesson, once you see the shadow of what’s coming up for you, your soul wants you to integrate that. Your soul wants you to learn from that and to grow and to ultimately flip it around. When I say flip it around for instance, when you have  a life lesson of trust, you’re not trusting anybody, you’ll keep people around here, right? Only you might have one or two friends and it’s not really about the amount of friends, it’s the depth that you go into that friendship with that person because you can’t… you’re not trusting yourself. So, it projects out and not trusting other people. And so, that lesson is really what that lesson is to do and it’s only part of one of the lessons. It’s to trust yourself, to go on this inner journey, to find out who you are, what you’re here to do, to surrender, to trust, to not control things and to be aligned with your design. And so, when you go into that trust that into me, into me, I see, right? You see. When you know yourself on a deeper level then you trust yourself then you open up more. Then you trust other people but as  a life lesson  it can stop you from really just going for things. Like having intimate relationships that are deep and I don’t mean just a sexual partner. I mean on an emotional level  that can  actually stop you so, first of all having awareness and then going about doing practices is such that you can, you know, really open up and to surrender and trust in others and that could mean practices like eye-gazing with other people. How long can you hold somebody’s gaze? It’s a very intimate thing to do and  many other things you can do but trusting yourself going for that and it’s not just done on a mental level it’s down on a physical level, a heart level, a mind level, so, bringing all those together. So, to stop not trusting yourself is to open yourself. Right? Can you see how we’re here to flip that around?  And then ultimately when you do that you can help others do the same. That’s the whole point as to what you’re experiencing, what your life lessons are, those things that stop you from moving forward are the actual things that you’re here to help others with. 

So, I hope that has actually helped you stop things that stop you from you know what I mean. I know, I know. But that’s basically what I wanted to share today is you can stop doing those things on repeat by knowing what your life lessons are and really working with them to flip them around. 

So until like… until my next video like give us a like or give us a comment if you’ve resonated with this and I will see you for the next video. Okay, bye for now. Many blessings. 

Stop doing this. Stop, stop. 

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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