How To Tap Into The Hidden Power Of Scientific Hand Analysis

I have always been fascinated by hands.
I remember in a previous job I used to be a croupier, aka dealer. And at that time, I just played with cards, chips, and cash sitting across the table from punters, pretty much taking their hard-earned money, but there were times that I enjoyed that job when the punters were winning. I enjoyed giving cash over and they were on a roll.
I wished that they would call it a night and get up and walk away from the table with their winnings before the house took it back. And they ALWAYS took it back no matter how much I wished I could do something. (way before I was aware of my Powers;))) – it’s the odds.
And so I have a story about a certain famous cricketer called with the initial “S” back in my early days when I was a lumpy and a lumpy is a person who is new to coming out of dealer or croupier school.
I had moved to Darwin, working in the little smokey casino on the roulette table. I did not have a clue who this cricketer was because I’d only been in the country, probably around about 12 months at that stage, I did notice all these people following him around but I was just flat out trying to deal roulette and wait for my next break.
So what happened was, I think his favourite was 23 I forget exactly but it’s in the middle of the table, it was over 20 years ago now. So it was a punter dream (secretly a Croupier one too) and a casinos nightmare but I triple spun, his favourite number. I gave away thousands and thousands of $$ within 40 minutes not just to him but to everyone else who jumped on the table following him.
It was CHAOS. Hands everywhere slamming the table with bets, cameras all on the table (and me), loud shouting, laughing, and little ole me on the other side of the table not know sure what to do. What could I do? I can only spin the ball – and bam on the third triple spin I got Dragged from the table (that’s what they call it when they replace you before your break) – I went to the “smoko” room for my break, still wondering why everyone was following that blonde guy.
But in my heart, I was thinking – holy moly is this really what I want to be doing for a career? I know the cruise ships were where I wanted to go (travel for free being a croupier) but I squashed that idea when my bf decided that he didn’t want to do that and didn’t want especially to do that with me !– (whole new blog)
But My Purpose was giving me hints along the way of what I DIDN’T want to do.
Real Estate Agent’
Accounts Supervisor,
Ice block merchant – that lasted 2 days and I was 10
++++ many others – oh yes I owned a fUSH n CHUP shop in New Zealand
All things eventually lead to your Purpose somehow – we just have to take notice and follow the breadcrumbs as they say.
So coming back to hands, to be a croupier your hands have to be quick, fast, have flair as it’s all in your hands. I have “slim man hands” so maybe that’s why it was easier flicking those cards and chips around.
What I do remember is: Happy faces can turn to sad faces very quickly when it comes to money
Being in front of a full blackjack table takes energy to hold that space
Gambling is not for me
In an industry where its buildings have no windows, they don’t want you to notice how much time you spend in there, they know the odds you just need to stay there long enough, and the time I was in the high rollers – I came in at 12pm lunchtime and this woman had obviously been there ALL NIGHT playing her last $1000 – one $100 chip at a time and I was scooping them in wishing her to go home.
With all of that story – I am so grateful to really know my Souls Purpose. The one that is printed in my fingerprints and in the lines of my hands.
I don’t wish those days away – I was young, I was in a new country and I was just travelling around ( I nearly ended up in Adelaide instead of Darwin – sliding doors moment)
But I do take the lessons of doing work that wasn’t really soul-satisfying.
Come and join me if you would like to find out how your own hands can show you Your Purpose – not in a predictive way but in a Scientifically proven method.
For those who feel that they know there is something else for them – if only they knew what: this might just help.
This Monday ❤
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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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