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How you can share your Purpose in the roles available by our design

Hello, beautiful one Luanne Mareen here from and the hand analysis So I wanted to share today this, this video about how you can share your purpose, the roles we have and why showing up, you know, it really needs courage and how we can shop in our purpose, according to our design and what prompted that. There’s a couple of things here. What prompted that was yesterday. I did a hand analysis reading for somebody. And so for those who don’t know about hand analysis, scientific hand analysis, so I’m asked to hand analyst and part of my work is really helping people get clarity around their purpose. So I use this modality called hand analysis. It’s a scientific method. It’s not a form of palmistry. It is not an intuitive reading. It’s based on the data that is shows up different markings, your fingerprints never change. And you know, we did code that for them. And another thing that actually came up for me today is right now what’s happening in the world.


And based on the conspiracy theorists, that theorist, I call them conspiracy therapy.  What’s happening with people, fighting people, fighting for different beliefs? And just because I believe something, you know, that makes me wrong or just all the judgmental things that are going on. So this may go down a different path, but the first thing I wanted to say, okay, so I’ll start off with, I was watching mainstream television this morning, which I really try not to do, but it comes up. So it was a I’m in Australia, in Melbourne. And it was, I think it was channel nine and it was the today show. And it popped up the, the headline was, something about considered conspiracy theorists and they played this, they played, you know, the show real, and it was about the moon showing people who’d obviously recorded things. And you know, the moon was a hoax that they never really went to the moon NASA know, in the sixties or seventies, it was a hoax or they, they show the people who believe that the earth is flat.


It’s not round. And it was just like, and like these, these, I will tell you what my beliefs are or even that word belief. It’s actually about a knowing, right? We’re fire believe something and you believe something that’s fine, but a belief we can change beliefs. But you, if you have a deeper knowing, like on a, a visceral body knowing, you know, in your soul, you know, energetically they’re slightly different. So in our, I was just a kind of sparked my attention because I was like, Oh, here we go. And the first thing that came up was they had the two hosts. They had this person from New York who was a psychologist, and he actually started to talk about naming. It’s almost like a, what do you call it? Like he was labelling the conspiracy theorist. He was saying that they are this type.


No, they had this behaviour type in them. It’s a genetic behaviour type people who are conspiracy theorists. So any, any name that I don’t even, I’m not even gonna say the name, but now he created this label and the highest around, well, why then? Why are they like this? And it’s like, wow, they have this genetic thing. And it’s this, it’s almost like, you know, to me, it was like, Oh my gosh, they are labelling. It’s like a type of bipolar even. Yeah. Anyway. So there was no other person to give. The other part of the story is as journalists should be doing show two sides and then give it to the public to make their own mind up. But no. So the first thing that came up about this was that it’s on mainstream media. And so I am thinking straight up, well, if it’s on mainstream media, then they must feel as very threatening that these conspiracy theorists to people out there actually making some headway and, you know, they’ve already labelled people, a conspiracy theorist.


So that already puts a derogatory spin to people who think differently or critically I critical thinkers. Like they’ll see something and they’ll just ask different questions instead of going along with the mainstream or, you know, being bullied and to a different thought pattern by the masses who don’t want to see that. And that’s totally fine. There’s no judgement on people who don’t believe what you believe in both forms. So I was watching this and I was just sitting there going, wow. I didn’t feel anger, but there was, there was a, there was a push. Yeah. There was a like, Hmm. Okay. Let’s okay. If I want to be a critical thinker, I’m just going to watch this. And then I just got it halfway through because it was going nowhere. It was basically ridiculing people who thought a different way. And the one thing that came up the positive of this was, well, I was thinking, well, if this is a mainstream media, and they’re trying to debunk all these theories and especially what’s going on with the world, right.


With all the V and the C word and all those kinds of things, and people are like waking up, which is another kind of truth word we’re waking up or the woke people. So they turned that around the woke ones. Yeah. People are just, you know, coming out of slumber that we’ve been so numbed out, we’ve been taught so many things that possibly aren’t all truth. A lot of it can be true, but then there’s something in there that’s like, well, that doesn’t matter. Feel right. Anyway. So I got up here half way through and I just went, wow, that is so fascinating because if it’s on just mainstream media, it means there’s something, something positive is actually happening out there. Because if the mainstream media doesn’t want us to be critical thinkers or to believe certain things or to go and do our own research, then why would they want to ridicule us?


And that’s basically pretty much what it was, this ridicule of people who think differently, or have a different knowing and don’t follow mainstream. So that was probably a positive that came from it probably for the, those people who, you know, have a knowing or we call them truth seekers, you know, to see that on TV and go, Hmm. They need that. That’s scrambling here. That’s scrambling and to not get triggered by it. Yeah. So I just found that fascinating. And it was on like what’s today. It’s a Wednesday. I think it was on about 1130, who knows who are watching it anyway. So I just thought that that came, that brought me back to thinking about purpose and all the different roles that people play according to what’s in their fingerprints. Now the fingerprints show your life, school, your life lesson and your life purpose.


And because I was, I had a reading yesterday, I did a hand in on analysis yesterday. We were talking about, well, how can she implement this in her life? And to me, it was like, we all have different designs. We all have a, a life purpose design that we’ve come here yeah. On the planet to experience, to express. And, and we all have different gifts as well. And then, so from my point of view, I was seeing, you know, I follow a lot of different people, you know, half the time to stay sane and what’s going on out there and you know, what’s happening in the, in 2020, like the year that a lot of us wish we didn’t go through, but in some way it’s been fabulous. Really. You know, we’ve had to slow down, we’ve had to connect with family members for the lucky ones in the Western world, working from home, which I do anyway, and just not having to rush around.


So yes, there were certain rights that were taken away. There were certain challenges, mask wearing all those kinds of things. But really when you take a, when I take a step back, it’s like, wow. And people let people in that moment go, well, I don’t want my life to be like this anymore. Right. What we’ve put up with. And I did put another video up, a while ago, you know, what, what have you been putting up with anyway? So you can have a look at that on my YouTube channel. And so coming back to the different designs and our purpose, now, each thing is a different purpose. We have the, the master of success, which is the duet. We have the leader, the visionary leader. We have the business person, we have the creative artist, we have the messenger, and we have the healer.


We have the innovator, we have the mentor or the, you know, the growth catalyst. And we have the advocate and we have the community person. So I’m thinking all of these different roles that we can step into and roles or purpose and how then we have gift markings there. So, you know, it may sound confusing, but it’s actually not. So we get, we enhance analysis. We, I give you a three page report, everything that’s in there. And then it’s, it’s up to you to then go and find practises, or there’s some things I definitely support your worth and how do I express those? So can I get back to well, there’s truth community out there. And there’s different people that I follow and I just love them. And I, and I take my hat off to them. I really do. I look at them and I’m like, wow, that takes courage.


And you can just see, see, there’s an energy about them, that they have a knowing. They have a knowing, and they’re not kind of scared to show up in that way. And that is that the advocates to me, when I’m using hand analysis, they are kind of like the advocates and the advocate makes us stand. It makes us stand for the underdog and brings things to the surface and gets on this soap box. And so we have the advocates, we need the advocates. And if it’s in your hands, maybe you’re the advocate, right? So we have the advocate. Then we have the kind of like the impacts and they can be, they can be quite a loaded word as well. You know, the impacts are those sensitive beings. And, you know, the healers and what I see the role of the empath is, is that they are here to hold the space, right?


So they don’t need to be the advocates because other people it’s their design to be the advocate. But if you’re a, if you’re an empath, you are here and that’s a gift marketing, and that is actually to help people go through, you know, deep transition, the world is going through huge, deep transition now. Absolutely. So we need these empathy empath to help us pave that way to come out of those, those really dark, sad moments that a lot of people are in. And so it’s there, it’s there, you know, it’s their purpose to, to support that. However, they, they want to, you know, it’s energetically supporting that so people can transition come out of that sadness. So we have the, and these are just some examples, the advocates out there, you know, doing their thing, showing up for the underdog, we have the impasse, then you have the trailblazers as well.


So that blazing this trail, which a lot of the advocates are trailblazers. You know, a lot of people have come to the forefront this year, who, who were behind the scenes last year. And if you, you know, you’re in the spiritual world, you there’s a lot of people that we normally watch. And I’ve kind of gone to the side where there’s new, this new energy, these new people, the time is right. And this is a thing when with trailblazers. So timing, timing can be a bit of a challenge sometimes because they’re coming up with new ideas and new concepts. And sometimes they’re just, you know, they, they innovated a concept that’s already been around. So these people, I see them as trailblazers coming through and they are, you know, the path hasn’t been walk where they are going. So the advocacy comes through the blazing, a trail.


There’s a huge courage needed there and they’re showing up. So that’s another one. And then we have, you know, we have the, a gift marking hand analysis is the lines of genius where they are the decoders, they’re the decoders. So the world’s going through this massive upheaval now. And so these people can bring these big messages and bring them into really understandable language that other people can digest. You know, there’s so much, there’s so much out there and they can put it in language and ways that we can go, Oh, I get that we, that comes into, through our, you know, through our years. And, and we listen and then it comes into our body and we know we were like, that makes sense to me now, whereas before I was so confused, I did not understand. So we have, you know, we have those people and sharing their messages through their, their books or their speaking.


And then we can have, well, I’ve made notes here. Then we can have the, you know, the, the person in the community, right? So we have people whose purpose is to create community and to support that community and to bring in others. And it’s like, where’s my tribe. Where am I tribe? And I think this is, you know, we call it the truth of community or the spiritual community or the conspiracy theorist community. But the people with the purpose is to rally, rally these people and make them feel home because there’s a lot of out there who are like, definitely when you start to question things and you’re not too sure where to look that there are communities out there. So put your sign.


And, another one, yeah,

You can be the leader or the influencer as well. So the influence is actually two together. The influencer is the powerful leader who has the vision who protects the realm, expands. The realm, brings people on board to support the vision. And in the influencing part is from the creative, the creative, the purpose of the artists, creative artist or creative expression and the spotlight. And so that means that they are there to be seen. They are there to create things for people to see, and for them to be appreciated through that, they can be quite charismatic, creative, like definitely right-brain. And you know, when you have the powerful leader with the creative expression, that is the influencer. And so I don’t mean it’s like the influencer, like the Instagram influences it’s, that could, can be like that for sure. But when I think of life purpose, it’s a different kind of influencing.

Yeah. So that, so I wanted to come through and to share all these, these different kind of designs, life purpose design, and you know, what the importance of that, you know, just coming back to, I’m going to kind of end this video very soon, but it was also thinking about, you know, the beliefs and the knowings and how people are, can get really stuck on. One of my teachers used to say, you know, fighting for the limitations and that’s a judgement in itself, right? It’s, it’s, you know, it’s kind of the truth. I do believe that so people will, will fight because they don’t want to be wrong or they’re scared. Right. There’s a lot of fear out there about, you know, if I don’t go into the store with a mask on what’s going to happen, or I’m going to be looked at the wrong way.


And coming back to the creative artists that is kind of the shadow or the student path of the creative artists, because they don’t want to be criticised. So they’ll just not come out. They won’t shine. They won’t do videos like this, you know, because, Oh my goodness. The worst thing that they could feel on the student path has been criticised, rejected ridiculed. And I think that’s where the mainstream media can come into that. Right. They ridiculed conspiracy theorists. And so a lot of creative people in that right time, that’s a real trigger for them. So then they won’t, they’ll just say, Oh, okay. I’m just going to, somebody else can be the advocate. Somebody else can be the influencer. I don’t want it to have anything to do with it, but I’ll follow, you know, it doesn’t kind of feel really cool. So the critical thinking piece or the belief something did drop Hannah was, well, remember years and years ago, probably in our grandparents era or maybe their parents when left handed children, left-handed children, people who are born left-handed, whereas that’s a genetic thing.


They come in and they went to school and they were not allowed to do them the actual way of writing. They were. Okay. I actually remember the rule on to try to look on my desk, the rule that they would get their hands slapped. So they had to learn how to do right-hand writing when they were actually, their design was to be left-handed. And so, you know, we think now in these times of, Oh my God, did that really happen? And we have a memory that doesn’t remember these things. And I think a memory lasts like 10 days. And you know, when we were all locked up here in Victoria, it was like, Oh, that was the worst thing. And now we’re, we’re out. It’s like, Oh, everything’s fine. And still not completely fine. There’s still things happening. But I think of, you know, my goodness, I mean, I’m, left-handed, I am actually left-handed so I would have been one of those kids that had, you know, it’s wrong or that I think in some parts of the world, it was like the devil, the devil was in you, if you had, it were a left hand and now come on.


Like really? So I know we’ve, we’ve grown since then, but it’s almost like that with this conspiracy theory, theories or theories, it’s like, Oh, you’re just a lefty. Like you’re a, left-hander, you know, let’s slap that out of you until you move and comply with the right hand, you know, the right-handed people. Yeah. So I’m just thinking, well, you gotta be so careful, right. We don’t go down that, that road and just to stay strong, like it really takes courage to step one into your purpose, to, and to your knowing and, and, and saying your truth and feeling your truth and admitting well, you know, I haven’t really been telling us the truth the whole time. And there are people who don’t want to know, and that’s totally fine. It is not our job to go. And we’re not my job or not. Everyone’s job to go wake up.


This is BS. Like don’t you see? And all that people will just come to it of their own nature. No timing is as an illusion, I believe it is. And so they will come to it when they want to come to it, as they want to come to it. And they don’t, that’s their choice, right? We we’ve come in with free will here. We, we don’t want to be, we don’t need to be told, you know, you’re left. You need to go, right. Dah, dah, dah, to me, if everyone just gone on their purpose first and your know your purpose growing knew their purpose and then everything out and then went to that purpose because to be on purpose, to be enjoy, to do the thing that you love does is raises your vibration, spreads out to other people, happy days, that’s simplistic view, perhaps, but that is my thoughts.


Anyway, and then we have to go, no, once you know your purposes, it’s working through that confidence to really just own all of yourself, own all of yourself, which comes back as I finished with up riding with people, run with the trailblazers that you resonate with, running with them, staying in the tribe that really supports you. So that is my, my video today. You know how you can share your purpose, you know, the roles that we have and, and why sharing and, and showing up it does take courage. And I’m sending all my love and blessings to you as we go through this time, just taking a deep breath, coming back into the body and, you know, slow down sometimes, you know, there’s this mind. I know my, for me, my mind just goes like, Oh, there’s so much to, to know and so much to learn. And during the day it’ll be just, okay, five minutes out on the grass, big belly breasts, come in. You know, we’re not getting out of here alive. You might as well live the life with joy and on purpose. So you can check me out on my blogs,, or the hand analysis If you are interested in getting your hands, your life purpose decoded, there’s lots of information over there. And I look forward to speaking to you soon. Okay, bye. For now.


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