How your previous “jobs” or career has really helped you step into your Purpose

Hey there, beautiful Luanne Mareen here, of goddessonpurpose.com and I want to come on quickly and just do this video, share with you today. Because I was pondering about purpose as I do. Because I helped spiritual entrepreneurs, mystics healers to identify their life purpose and to put that into a business but what’s um… What came up for me today was that I was thinking about all these different jobs that I’ve had. And so, it might help one day for you just to write down all the different jobs that you’ve had. If you’ve had a job… I mean long gone are the days that we used to have a job for life. One of the jobs that I had was actually a business because at the time I’m… I was in um… a kiwi and I lived in New Zealand and i was working full-time for Lion Nathan Brewery, another job another video but what happened, I was in a long-term relationship and my partner was looking for a new job or new career or new business and what came up was we were talking about  creating… were actually buying a restaurant. Now, I don;t know why I was probably 23  at the time. A restaurant who knew? You know, but that is the power of you know, the power of not knowing, right? The power of not knowing and just going for it. Well, we didn’t buy a restaurant but we kind of did the second best thing or the third best thing, we bought a fish and chip shop. Now, yes, I’m a kiwi so, we say fish and chips but what happened I was still working, he took over the fish and chips shop but I worked there pretty much in the evenings and the weekends when I wasn’t playing  netball and  all that kind of thing. And I’m looking back just… just re— you know, relooking at why? Where did the fish and chips shop come into my life purpose, right? DoI have a life purpose? Was my purpose to own a fish and chips chip shop? Ship ship shop? No, it was not but all these little jobs or  these jobs along the way is a step towards it. 

So, this is what I took away from owning the fish and chips shop and we actually bought it for like $25,000 and we sold it about a year later for  $40,000. So, you know there was that bit of profit there but really what it taught me was we took on a team member like that was the first business I’ve ever owned. We took on a young girl, she was 15, we trained her up pretty much, ran the shop in the end and so, there’s a skill you know, to work with team members. Again, powerful vision, that’s the powerful vision and the leader.   So, stepping into the leadership, my leadership for my purpose. The second thing was business, so, our middle finger is self-worth, money, responsibility on the right hand and so on. That taught me about, you know, accounting. Doing accounting for the books, counting the money, using an accountant. You know, before we hadn’t really… I mean you do your tax returns when you’ve got a job and that’s pretty much it but we had to go and you know, speak to an accountant and engage in one and really like dot your eyes and cross your teeth and see how we were making a profit in that fish and chips shop. So, that was the second thing. 

And I think the third thing was I’m a school of service and if you don’t know what the schools are in hand analysis that’s your foundation. That’s the flavour of your life, your life purpose is flavoured this way and it’s also the… it’s where you get to play around. It’s like a playground. Well, I’m a school of service, the school of love. The school of wisdom, the school of peace. And to really step into that service, school of service in the fish and chips shop was I was serving people. Now I know I was at the count of serving people but it’s the interaction and it’s meeting people and really you know, giving them a good service. That’s not just what school of service is but to me, I’ve done a lot of service-orientated type jobs. 

So, that’s my takeaway from the fish and chips shop. I stepped into my leadership, I learned to do deal with money and business and to run a business and also be of service to you know, to those customers and also to be of service to the people we were employing like it was this young girl we had another family member coming in and all that but the story ends there because I was tired of smelling like fish and chips, eating fish and chips and you know just… it wasn’t a long-term career but I’m grateful for those lessons that I learned. 

So, what about you, gorgeous? What job have you had in the past even if you didn’t really like it, there’s something that you can take away from that, you know, on the job training, what did it teach you to do? So, yeah, I might do another video about another job I had. I think I’ve done a video about being a crew peer, being a dealer in the casino. But again there’s a bit of a thread that probably goes through all of these jobs that you’ve had but just, anyway, I’m just honouring Dean and Lou’s Fish and Chips Shop in New Zealand and the things that I learnt stepping into my purpose. 

So, that’s my takeaway again, just comment below what job you have whether you hated it or not. What did you learn from it? And how do you think that it shaped part of your purpose? So, until my next video. Thanks for watching and many blessings. Bye for now. 

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