Self-Reflections: I accept criticism gracefully.

I am open to criticism, because criticism is a form of advice. I never know when I might receive criticism that can take my performance to the next level. I am grateful for the criticism I receive.

Receiving good criticism can help me in many ways.

While some of the criticism I receive is of little value, I smile and thank the other person for their time and attention.

I ignore criticism that fails to help me or is intentionally unkind. Hurtful criticism says more about the other person than it says about me. I let go of unreasonable criticism and get back to living my life.

I may not enjoy getting criticism, but it’s still necessary. I view criticism like a pain in my body. It tells me that something is wrong and needs attention. So, I pay attention when I receive criticism.

I determine if a change is necessary and make the appropriate adjustments.

The only way to completely avoid criticism is to do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing. I want my life to be more than that, so I accept criticism gracefully. I live my life fully, knowing that I will undoubtedly be criticized sooner or later.

Today, I accept all the criticism that comes my way with poise and grace. I am learning from the advice I receive. I remind myself that criticism is a gift.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is the most useful piece of criticism I have ever received?
  2. How can I become better at receiving and benefitting from criticism?
  3. Am I good at providing constructive criticism to others?
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