Copy of Self-reflections 5

I accept praise and compliments easily and joyfully

I welcome all the praise and compliments I can get. It feels good to be acknowledged in a positive way. I appreciate the fact that others appreciate me.

Positive comments give me a boost of confidence and pride. I use those positive emotions as motivation to continue doing my best each day.

I avoid allowing praise to go to my head. I enjoy it, but I avoid becoming egotistical or arrogant. I maintain a positive and accurate opinion of myself.

Praise and compliments are positive experiences for me. I am free of any discomfort, embarrassment, or shame when I receive positive comments. The more the merrier.

Some people struggle to accept compliments. I am free of this issue! Compliments and praise feel like a warm ray of sunshine on my face. I enjoy them while they last. They can be rare occurrences at times, so I enjoy them fully while I can.

Since I appreciate the power of praise, I give out praise to others. I am sincere when I give compliments, and I find it easy to find something worthy of a compliment. Each person has talents and skills that deserve recognition. I am happy to do this for others.

Today, I accept the praise and compliments I receive with a smile. I welcome all the positive comments that come my way. I am also freely giving praise today.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. Do I feel uncomfortable when I receive a compliment? If so, why?
2. Am I comfortable giving compliments to others? If not, why?
3. What do I deserve to be complimented for? What do the people in my life deserve to be complimented for?

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