Self-Reflections: I accept the best into my life

I make the decision each day to allow the best into my life. This includes the best people, relationships, income-producing opportunities, social opportunities, and everything else I know I deserve.

I receive the best life has to offer, because I am willing to allow it to enter my life each day.

I give the world permission to bring me the best.

I have high standards, because I am important. I reject anything and anyone that degrades my life.

I want the best. I demand the best. I am open to the best.

I am in control of what I allow into my life and what I reject. I accept the good and the positive. I reject the negative.

I am open to everything that adds happiness, wealth, fun, or intimacy into my life. I am an open and willing receiver of the best that life can deliver. I believe that the best is coming to me every day.


Today, I have a very open and accepting attitude. My life is improving and growing. I am receiving the best into my life in whatever form it arrives.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What am I tolerating in my life? Why? What would happen if I removed the things from my life that I am tolerating?
  2. When have I settled for less than I wanted? What if I had kept trying instead of settling?
  3. What do I want in my life right now that I don’t have? Why don’t I have it? How can I get it?
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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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