I attract happy and healthy people into my life.

I am attractive to happy and healthy people. I am grateful that unhappy and emotionally unhealthy people choose to stay away from me. When I have happy and healthy people in my life, I feel happier and healthier myself.

I refuse to make room in my life for people that are fundamentally negative. If someone is likely to have a negative impact on my life, I reject them.

I have a lot of control over who is allowed to be part of my life and who is rejected. I take this power and responsibility seriously. I take responsibility for all aspects of my life, including who is allowed into my inner circle. There is only room for positive and supportive people. All others are barred from entry.


The people in my life have a huge impact on me. Healthy, positive people have a positive effect on me. When I am with them, I naturally make choices that support strong mental and physical health. I develop healthy habits.

Having these people around makes my life better. I naturally attract these people into my life. They are drawn to me.

Negative people have the opposite effect. Negative people apply a downward pressure on my life that drags me down emotionally. I am unwilling to allow these people to be part of my life.

Today, I make a conscious choice to attract only positive and healthy people into my life. I purposely avoid the negative people of the world. These choices bring me health and happiness.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  1. Who are the three people that I enjoy the most in my life? Why?
  2. Who are the three people in my life that cause me the most grief? What about them makes me unhappy? Why do I keep them around?
  3. Who do I know that would be a positive addition to my life?
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