I choose improvement over perfection.

I want to make today better than yesterday. I do this in each part of my life. I am constantly making the effort to enhance my finances, relationships, health, and build my skills to a higher level.

I know that if I improve by a little bit each day, my life eventually becomes much, much better.

What do I think about perfection? Perfection is a mistake! Perfection is a myth. It is toxic and poison to improvement. It is an unrealistic goal that impedes my progress.

When I worry about doing something perfectly, I become afraid to try.

I can do more to enhance my life by chasing improvement than by chasing perfection. Improvement is believable and achievable.

I am fine with making small improvements each day. These small enhancements really add up over the long term. Small improvements are like compound interest. Over time, they are incredibly powerful!

Improvement gives me a sense of accomplishment and allows my self-confidence to grow.

Today, I strive to improve in every aspect of my life. I know that I can be a better friend, make wiser financial decisions, strengthen my skills, and make healthier choices. I choose improvement and reject perfection.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are the most important areas of my life for me to experience improvement?
  2. When have I allowed the desire for perfection to get in my way?
  3. What would my life look like if I were able to be twice as good in every area of my life? What if it took a year to accomplish that? Would it be worth it?
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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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  1. Gigi

    A very appropriate blog for me Luanne! I feel that I overall love myself BUT needs to be improved for me to move forward. Not procrastinating here;) I know that improving my self-love will make me express myself differently. For me, it leans toward the self- worth and self-love. It shows up like me wanting everything to be perfect but deep inside I don’t care that much. It is simply the lack of self-worth and self-love that is ‘in the way’ for me to step up still. But I am getting there! Hugs Gigi

    1. Luanne Mareen

      I hear you beautiful and it’s like we have to treat ourselves like our own client <3

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