I didn’t choose the Skuxx Life

Last Saturday night I had the pleasure of watching Hunt for the Wilder People. A Kiwi movie that has been critically acclaimed by Director Taika Waititi.

Being Kiwi myself I really enjoyed it. Laughed and laughed and also teared up a little but not to give anything away.

One of the lines that stuck with me today is when 13 year old Ricky Baker during a car chase proclaimed


So now it has been a saying around the house with the kids and just having a giggle.

What does Skuxx mean?

Well a couple of things really. When I google Skuxx there are a few explanations but for me this is what I saw it as meaning:

1) Has a mastery over a ablilty that is considered good. 2) Skuxness- A natural aura that only those who are well known to have 3) Is a pro in the affairs of people.

So I am running with this. When I think more deeply into it – I feel if you are living the Skuxx life it means you are a type of thought leader, a game changer, and inspiration.

But do you really have what it takes to live the Skuxx life. To attract the fans into your tribe/business and stand above all the “noise” that is out there.  To make a real impact.

Theres a lot of internal work that needs to be done to be really Skuxx.

So heres the thing – join one of the most amazing teams out there now this Tuesday (Pacific) or Wednesday (Aussie time) for a three hour online workshop that will show you how to become The Thought leader you know you are (aka Skuxx)

This FREE training shows you how to create ‘raving fans’ all over the world and how to ‘own’ the stage and video camera so people want to work with you instantly. Learn how to effectively work with your fear, so you don’t shy away from being seen in a larger way.

Inspirational speakers and best-selling authors Datta and Rachael Jayne Groover are masters of Presence and Powerful Delivery of a Transformational Message. They will reveal the 5 Pillars to turning your message into millions.

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Join the FREE Livestream Training Tuesday July 12, Noon US Pacific Time. (2 Encores – Dates to be Announced)

See you online awesome one.

blissings Luanne


PPS: also go see the movie its great !!!

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