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I express my unique gifts

I accept myself as I am now while continuing to develop my potential. I share my unique talents and skills with the world.

I increase my self-knowledge and awareness. I meditate daily to connect with my thoughts and feelings. I spend time contemplating my values and purpose. I ask others for feedback.

I make conscious decisions. I slow down. I focus on the reasons behind my activities. I devote my time to projects that align with my priorities.

I focus on my own definition of success rather than comparing myself to others. I feel satisfied and fulfilled as long as I am making an effort and pursuing my goals.

I select a career that allows me to leverage my strengths and stretch my skills. I volunteer for challenging assignments and develop my leadership ability. I find happiness in helping my colleagues and clients.

I communicate openly and honestly. I speak tactfully and directly about what is on my mind. I stand up for my principles even when it may be unpopular.

I connect with others on a meaningful level. I have the courage to be vulnerable and share my true feelings.

Today, I express my true self. I recognize, appreciate, and share my special gifts.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is one aspect of myself that I sometimes try to conceal?


  2. How do my unique gifts help me to discover and fulfill my life purpose?


  3. Why is it important to be authentic?
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