I stay Classy – Self Reflection

I stay Classy.

There is something special about me. My unique style shines through wherever I go. It makes me memorable for the right reasons.

Classy describes the way that I carry myself. It is fitting for my choice of material attire and also my personality. When I present myself to others, I ensure that there is consistency. It is important for the inside and outside to complement each other.

I choose my attire according to what an event requires. Fitting in feels good but honoring the requirements feels better. It shows my character.

Although I have my own style preferences, I am willing to conform to what a situation calls for. I leave it up to the desires of event organizers to outline style preferences. My role is to ensure that I put an impressive foot forward.

My actions and words match the way in which I present myself on the outside. Dressing up goes hand in hand with an elegant attitude.

It is unsophisticated to forget good manners when I go out. I am conscious of how I conduct myself in the presence of others. Greeting people with sincerity involves making eye contact and smiling.

I maintain elegance in my approach by exposing myself to the finer things. Being cultured requires an ongoing desire to experience a cosmopolitan way of life.

Today, my chicness is natural yet understated. Bringing my natural elegance is easy for me. I prefer to be myself because I am more than enough. There is one classy version of myself that everyone sees.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. How difficult is it to stay classy at work when I am challenged by negativity?
2. What are my favorite cultural experiences?
3. How much influence do my favorite style icons have over my fashion choices?

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