If you truly knew me then you would know that …..

Hi Gorgeous,

I’m back from the Gold Coast where I saw my sister from another mister show.  She was awesome and what I got from watching her pour out her vulnerability in her authentic way was amazing.  My friends show was called Vjayjay diaries and yes the topic was all matter of anatomy and topics that are deemed “Taboo”.

With humour and openess her messaged landed for sure – we all had a great time laughing, crying and connecting – all because she provided a space where we could be in to let the learnings about sexuality and relationship be.

Luanne-at-group-normal.jpgThe Sunday I was honoured to speak to a small group of women and 1 awesome man about Life Purpose in your hands and give some practices that essentially support us to stay present in any situation.

When the right group gather for the intention of self-exploration and enquirey lots of things can happen.

People who did not know each other, met and bonded. Many ahas were present in the room and it made me remember a deep part of my Purpose.  Community.

Of course Purpose is my thang (that’s thing in slang) – and it’s so important to be seen and heard in a group that “Gets” you.

All month I was reminded through facebook memories of the Goddess on Purpose events that were help each March.  My heart began to long for a gathering like this once more.

Then Tuesday I went and celebrated with a dear friend of mine. There were four of us and while I knew each one before they met, we attended a retreat around 3 years ago.

The sisterhood still stands strong and will be forever.  Do you have a sisterhood or group of friends like that ?

It’s truly a beautiful thing to be had.  Women you can celebrate with, cry with, commiserate with and omg Laugh until you cry.

If you do not have that and crave that connection – perhaps it’s time to set that intention.

For we are human beings and we need that to not only survive but to THRIVE.

A while ago I use to run online gatherings – (as well as ones in person – many of them) and there is one practice or question that can shift people into a space of vulnerability.

That question is – “If you truly knew me ….. You would know that I ………”

Of course you need to be in a safe space, one where you are encouraged to be truly authentic in your answer.  This is done in pairs and as you look into the other persons eyes and speak from your heart – great healing can be done.

So how about you take just a minute now to look into the mirror and ask that question – stare right into your beautiful eyes and ask

“If you truly knew me …..  You would know that I ……..”

You could say out loud your deepest desire, it could be your greatest pain, or your greatest celebration.

What ever it is – it wants to be let out and acknowledged.

Yesterday I came off doing 3 Life Purpose readings and that’s perhaps what has inspired me to remember this practice. Because when you hear what your soul has come here to do through decoding your Purpose – it feels like this –  “You would know that I …… have a message to the masses”  or “You would know that I help people with crisis of meaning” or “You would know that ….. I am afraid of rejection and now I know it’s an illusion”.

For me when I feel into this question it looks like this:  “If you truly knew me …. You would know that even though I get scared sometimes, I am prepared to walk my path”  If you truly knew me …. You would know it hurts when I have to be vulnerable”  “If you truly knew me …….  I make mistakes all the time and I cringe but I will forever be grateful for the lesson”.

Wishing you a magnificent week – feel free to comment below and let me know your aha’s if you do this practice.

Big blissings amazing one

Luanne xxx

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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