I’m retreating

Hola gorgeous

At least once a year I like to go away on retreat just for me.

Something that I am passionate about, something I will grow from and something that I will be stretched to blast old beliefs and patterns.

I can already feel the energy by feeling slightly uncomfortable reading the program again in full detail (I booked and did not do this until today) and then a few years back, I know I would have backed out and been too afraid to jump.

But it’s different these days.  I know Joyful purpose and growth are two of my highest values (along with family and freedom) so I am Comfortable in being Uncomfortable if you get what I mean. ;).

Long ago I would put on a brave face (aka mask) and toughen it out.  I didn’t want to cry, “I got this,” I would say to myself or “I don’t need this stuff” when really my soul was saying – “Hey Girl get your butt there and relax. You’re not going to be harmed, you actually are going to be safe and I’m excited about how you are going to feel when you do it!!!”

Ever had that feeling?

So this retreat is something I’ve been looking forward to for a long time.

Everything lined up for it – dates worked, money was available, I was feeling it was time and voila.

I have been keeping busy with a big event coming up in November and although we are pretty close it does pay to take out some time before it to be relaxed and re-energised.  Normally I would do this after but the dates were set.

I’m still having those butterflies around in my stomach – but its not a nervous tension its an excitement of what is to become.  I know 5 days from now I will have a new perspective, an inspired re-visioning of my life and a breakthrough on so many levels.

Sometimes we need to take ourselves out of the 9-5 paradigm and immerse into a space where it is only us – with our thoughts and feelings, our desires and let them float up to the surface to be expressed.  Of course this is a group retreat where we can have a mirror reflected back in another soul – then you have time alone to go within.

There’s so much out in the world these days.  Workshops, retreats, immersions where we gather with a common interest.  We want to learn, we want to shift, we want to grow and of course we want to connect with like-minded souls.


What gift are you giving yourself this year to be in this type of container?


Are you showing yourself you are so very worth the investment?


If you are reading this (and thank you for doing so) I get you are a Purpose seeker, someone who knows they are here to make a difference in their family, community and world.  And sometimes you just need to remember about you.  Your time out – get some balance back – however that looks to you.


Comment below and tell me what you are doing. What gives you butterflies, scares the bejesus out of you – that’s a sign to move towards it   #justsaying


Big love and

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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