Is undervaluing yourself making you ill?

Let’s talk Value:

Over the years (and you may or may not relate) I have had a little challenge with value.

Also confirmed the other day after talking with a beautiful client who was also struggling a little with this.

When I say value – I am talking about what price you ask people to invest with you – be it coaching, healing or products etc.

Growing up – we were never “poor” but we never had much left over for luxuries. Fish n chips and hiring a video machine on a Friday night out of the blue was a huge treat for us! 

What I learned pretty early on was that I had to get my own source of income if I wanted to get the things that I could choose. My mother and stepfather were hard workers but nobody had really taught them how to invest etc – long story I won’t bore you here.

But it is good to know where you unconsciously get your beliefs and when you are old enough to realize you can change them.

Also in my Maori family – we would always help each other out ie lend each other things.  Like clothes, cars, money, etc.  I remember a particularly hard time my aunty was going through financially and my mother packed up a box of food, meat (we lived on a farm), and groceries and got them couriered up to her family.  Even though I wasn’t sure where mum got the resources to do that and I remember thinking how much she loved her sister.  The reverse would happen also.


So when I come to VALUING ourselves it can be caught up in old conditioning too.

It took me a very long time to be able to SPEND money on myself, and when I did I always bought the “Cheapest” thing I could.  Mainly because I didn’t feel I was WORTH paying more for an item.

Until one day my ex at the time (he had no problem with value) he bought himself a pair of Jeans that cost $250 (in 1997).  To me, I was mortified! I had ever only paid up to $25-$50 for a pair of jeans. Wow, I couldn’t believe it.  But really his pair was a quality brand, mine was from a cheap shop somewhere, and I didn’t really love them that much after a few months.

So I started to look at VALUE in a different way (thank you ex).

What I did notice was that some things I was willing to pay more for, but some things I just didn’t think the packaging matter (yes I don’t mind the ole home brand at all – and I love Aldi’s).

So when it comes to working picking who to choose to invest your money with – do you go for the cheapest price or do you go for the VALUE that your investment will give you?


What I get sad about is healers, coaches, counselors etc who think they have to LOWBALL their prices. 

One thing that happens is that you can BURNOUT very quickly when you are only charging $50 a session.  And even though you might get a few at that price, you are still working your part-time or full-time job hoping that one day you will make enough $$ to leave it for good.

Another thing is that sometimes you can attract clients who are happy to pay $50 but they also want even more from you.  They might private message you after the session and ask you a sneaky question that really needs more explanation but they want it for free when they should really be booking another session, please. 

They also may not value the content you have given them as oh it was only $50 and I really don’t want to change my behavior right now ….. see where I am going with this.

Now I am all for giving back to those who can not afford your top rates etc.  There are blogs, free webinars, all those kinds of things, but if you really want to get serious about your business and be of VALUE to your tribe then you need to build your Inner Value up.  And that can mean getting a little bit hard arsed about it.

Don’t wait until you are unwell, resentful and just want to hide away from your tribe.  Help them to realize your true value and essence and it’s a win-win partnership.


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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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