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Jupiter Star Intro to Gift Markings

I’m still away at my little sanctuary “Getting things Done Goddess Style” .

I had a long list of things to do – and finally on my last full day here feel I have gotten the top priority done from my never ending list.  So taking a little break now before completing a few more tasks.

While I have been here the world keeps going on. I’ve had a few “messages” from the outside that really when I think about it can just wait until I get home tomorrow.  Having good boundaries help (plus being stocked up with my favorite food, a bottle of champers I’ve been sipping on when wine o clock comes around)  and sticking to my plan that I wanted for this time away.

I have been working away on bringing to life my online home study course Gift Markings (Level 1 Hand Analysis will be next) and when I go back to all the content that I have created over the years, it feels like it’s time to really “Flip the Switch” and make it more accessible to those who want it and be of service with joy.

I also realise how this time in the world is asking each of us to go deeper into our beliefs and stand strong for what really matters to us. Surround yourself with the right people is another.

Being a coach for others to support them on their expression of their Purpose is what lights me up. We all need our cheer squad aka tribe and once you find them, never let them go.  Yes people will come and go and they need to, but some will stay forever:  A reason, a season or a lifetime. That is the one constant in life afterall.

It’s when you hang onto what no longer serves you that it gets a big icky.

Be brave gorgeous one – Stand in your beautiful soft and supple Power.  That’s the kind of Power a Goddess owns. She is soft, but when she Roars you will know. All of it is welcome.

As a reminder I am sharing a quick video about the Jupiter – Super Achiever Gift Marking. Do you have one?

Jupiter Star Gift marking means that you have a gift of Leadership are ambitious amongst other things. 


Free Gift Marking Guide:

Free Training:

Purpose Quiz:


The Scientific Hand Analysis Certification

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
Goddess, please share, like and follow my blog!



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  1. Iveta

    Loved this reminder to step into & embrace my Jupiter!

    1. Luanne Mareen

      yes we need that gentle reminder every now and then – especially if it’s in your hands <3

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