My fear of rejection

My Facebook live share where my fear of rejection came up big time. 

Hi everyone. Luanne here. Just waiting a minute until I go live. We’re live. Yay. Yes, we are. Okay.

Putting on a bit little of Persephone oil today for courage in my sharing my fear of rejection. Just making sure everything comes online. Having a nice cup of tea with my presence cup here. We’re going to do a little bit of sharing.

Hi, Denelle! How are you? Hello beautiful woman. My fear of rejection. I don’t know if any of you saw my videos today. I was really excited. I got out there and I changed over from email, or CMS provider, bah bah bah all that. Then something happened late last night which sparked my fear of rejection.

What happens when you … I moved my list over. I’m so glad you could Denelle. I moved my list over, which was a few thousand people. My email list, my beautiful community from one provider to another. Sometimes things go a little bit haywire. I thought I was doing fine, I really did. I got a little bit ahead of myself, so the saying goes. Which, I really don’t like that saying, but I’ll talk about that later.

What happened … When you move these people over you … I set up this new list and I started a, what we call an auto responder. An auto responder is when people join your community or your email list, you write three or four different emails and they go out periodically. So you’ll set them to go out on welcome, day one, day three, day six. That sort of thing. It gives them a bit of a taste of you, what your flavour is, what you’re here to do, and to get to know you I suppose.

I have this set up. I set it up on my new fan dangled system called Simplero. Well, apparently it wasn’t that simple. It is. I still love it. Forget I said that. What happened is because I moved over my old list to my new provider, it set off my auto responders again. I really appreciate people who are on my list and it’s a real honour to have somebody’s email these days. It’s such a prized possession. You really have to trust … they trust you that you’re not going to bombard them with all these crap all the time. But, that didn’t happen to me last night because everybody from that list that I moved over go bombarded.

Welcome to Goddess On Purpose and I could see this happening. I pushed this button and I could see it happening. So what happened was, people started to unsubscribe. Yes, they did. They left me. I was watching it before my eyes and I’m truly revealing everything here. About 160 unsubscribed.

Hi Diane. Hi Catherine. 160. I’m sitting there going … It was late. I was geeking out, totally. It’s probably a lesson of mine. I could see them unsubscribing and I quickly got in there and stopped it. I just looked at them and I went wow. So sometimes when people sent out emails they forget links and things like that so they’ll send it again. It can get annoying. It’s like oh they forgot their link. But I didn’t just forget the link, I was sending out my auto responder to get to know me more. So anyway.

That’s when I had this fear of rejection. This whole rejection came over me. I just went, aww they don’t love me anymore. Oh, I’ve really pissed people off. Or they didn’t really want to know me, or they’ve had enough of me. Yeah, I totally get it. I absolutely get it.

What I did is I looked through the names who had unsubscribed and I went aww bye, bye, bye. The others I went oh there’s one person on the bid. Oh, how come she’s unsubscribing? Anyway, I had to deal with that. I just shut my computer and I went to bed. But I really wanted to get on Life. It was like 12 o’clock, midnight, and I’m thinking there’s no reason why if I got on Life now I would just be trying to justify myself or whatever. I had to deal with okay, they don’t want to be on my list anymore. I’m really sorry that I stuffed that up.

Then look at the bigger picture of that. One was I probably stayed up way too late during that anyway. I made a mistake and it’s okay. I did go into my head for a little bit of aww they don’t love me anymore. Then I went, you know what? There were 165 people that left, but what about the other thousands that are still there. They may be a little bit more forgiving. Sometimes when people leave, they just leave. It’s not no or they’re rejecting you. They’ve got other reasons. It’s because, I like to think, not right now.

Thank you, Diane. You shared the video. Yay! That’s awesome. I was just thinking and the other thing I did was, I was sharing a survey. I’d already sent out an email to get the survey, which is so good. Thank you so much. Yeah, I lost 165 but I gained 20 new people that went on the list. So that’s a good thing. I learnt … I did my TSO, totally. I learnt that I didn’t have the fear of failing, because I actually did fail that time. Sending out to thousands of people to get to know me more when they probably … But it was a good thing in the end, I think. I think.

I think sometimes the message is when we get into that fear of rejection of I could just go and hide out. I felt like going, I’m not going to email anybody for the next month so they don’t get sick of me which totally defeats the whole purpose of being in the community and wanting to share things with us.

I’m just seeing if there are any messages there. Cool. I don’t know. What do you feel like when you feel rejected? Another thing is like having friends unfriend you on Facebook. I’ve got like 4,000 so I never know who it is, which is probably a good thing. I think it could make a lot of people crazy and it does sometimes. They’re like, Oh who unfriend me? I think about it for a minute and then I think, Oh okay the number’s going down. More room for other people to come in, which is like my list, but I really love my people and my community so that’s okay.

I did the survey. Thank you for those who filled it out. That was probably something that saved me. I was reading through some of the responses there. If you haven’t put it in, please do. I think it’s been a great year of culling out. It’s one year. We have to get rid of things. I probably should’ve done this before January, but I’ve did it now. Never too late.

The people that have left, that’s okay. That’s okay. I did get some great wisdom from the people on the survey and you can still take it. One of the great things from the survey is where do I most of the people that join the community? For me, it was Facebook. No real surprise. But for me it’s like oh okay, maybe I should be doing more live videos. Maybe I should be sharing a little bit more, because I have been a little bit quiet.

I asked them what they want to know about. No surprise there. Love purpose. That’s not all about business, which is some of what I do, but it’s not. It was about wanting to know more about hand analysis and life purpose and wanting to be inspired. That’s so interesting. Just to want to be inspired. My card for this year, just while I’m on this rant, was inspiration. So, hey got it. You want to be inspired.

Another thing I learnt from here is actually in that fear of rejection. Somebody I thought had unsubscribed got asked if they wanted to join the list. They were already on it. I went, Oh okay cool. You didn’t unsubscribe, it wasn’t mistook. The other thing I learnt was what they wanted from me. Was it more home study courses, was it more live events? Great, great information. I’m so appreciative that you did fill that in. I even had two amazing warrior fill it in, too. The survey’s for men as well.

Thanks, Michelle. Hi, Kim! It’s so good to see you. That was my little fear of rejection. I think it’s about making mistakes. It’s okay, it happens. The more mistakes you have, the more success you have.

Hi, Sharon! Hi, Michelle! Oh, I could just sit here and go hi, hi, hi. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and get out of head when that rejection comes up. I think it’s a big thing for people who are doing videos and who have a purpose to be in the spotlight. It’s massive. I was speaking to somebody this morning about that actually on your life purpose, is to have an audience and to share their wisdom. The big thing of that that holds us back is that fear of rejection. You have to get over yourself. We all make mistakes.

I think that is my little learnings for today. I will always use my learnings as a teaching opportunity. I’ve learnt a lot. Yeah, that it’s okay to let people go.

Much love to you. Have an awesome day. Getting back on to it, I think I might take my dog, Nala, for walk and we’ll start again. Bye for now. Re-ejection like a huge push to move elsewhere. Correct, Michelle. Oh, Catherine! Diane Gosse, I’m one of the ones that opted out. Yes, totally get the inbox overload. I’ve done it, Catherine. I do it all the time. It’s a great thing to do, especially now. If you don’t read them, opt out. I didn’t take it personally and I love you always. Okay, everyone. Bye for now! Fill out the survey too, if you haven’t. Bye!

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