My routines reflect my priorities.

I develop daily habits that help me to reach my goals.

I think positive. I feel cheerful and inspired. I replace fear with curiosity. I motivate myself to take risks by focusing on what I have to gain. I give myself encouraging pep talks when I run into obstacles or setbacks.

I eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. I get most of my calories from vegetables, fruits, and other natural whole foods. I cut back on added sugar, salt, and refined carbohydrates. I stay hydrated by drinking pure water. I train for strength, balance, and flexibility.

I manage stress. I slow down and breathe deeply. I find relaxation practices that work for me such as listening to instrumental music or soaking in a warm bath.

I meditate and pray. I connect with the divine and nurture my spiritual side.

I cultivate mutually beneficial relationships. I surround myself with family and friends who care about my welfare. We give each other practical assistance and moral support.

I adopt a growth mindset and continue learning. I sign up for training at work and take online courses in my free time. I read books and work on my hobbies. I enjoy adding to my knowledge and skills.

I laugh and play. Taking breaks and having fun increases my productivity.

Today, I remember that my habits affect my experiences and create my future. I make daily choices that prepare me for greater happiness and success.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What is one thing I can do to upgrade my morning routine?
  2. What kind of rewards help me to form new habits?
  3. How does mindfulness make it easier for me to change my habits?
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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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