My Theme for the Year

Yes tis already end of Jan – yeah !!!

My beautiful son has started high school this year so its a new phase for him and also me. I trust your 2017 has gotten off to an awesome start ?  has it ? Mine certainly has as I am totally embracing my theme for the year “Inspiration”. I desire to lead a totally inspired 2017 – which means following my desires, my intuitive hits that can come in the weirdest of times and really coming “out” again this year. I’ve had some awesome feedback from you and also random strangers expressing many cool things to me about my message and also about theirs.

(your chance to tell me what you really want here – a 3 minute survey for you)

Are you clear for what you want to create or experience this year? It can be challenging really knowing what you want. You do actually know, it’s the expressing that is the hard part. Do you have a supportive community around you ?  Supportive cheerleaders (and they can include your dog or in my case children) that will spar you on and also call you on your stuff if need be. Today is just a quick check in with you.  After my disaster with my change over in my email list (see said rejection video here) …..  I know its all working out perfectly for those who stayed and those who left. Inspired-sanctuary-medium.pngThis month has been about “Sanctuary” – the message I am divinely guided gently and lovingly and I have.  Totally surrendering to follow the steps laid out in front of me. Its that letting control go bit that is the pain in the backside. I turned my home into my sanctuary once more and I also realised that I am a sanctuary for myself and others.  A sacred place to land, to feel safe, to recoup, then to go out in the world even more inspired.  So thank you for visiting the Sanctuary This week I am selecting 2 people for Hand Analysis sessions who filled in my survey Here – there is still time


GODDESS ON PURPOSE EVENTS We have some great events coming up this year at Goddess on Purpose Sanctuary 😉

Listed below: Art of Feminine Presence – Hub reunion Feb 17 2017 Hand Analysis Training Level 1 – Melbourne April 20-23  (taught by yours truly and the gorgeous Pamelah Landers) Goddess on Purpose Sacred Sanctuary Retreat later in the year (6 places only – 4 days) Art of Feminine Presence Weekend May 2017 Art of Feminine Presence Teacher Training May 2017 and lots of other bits and pieces in between – which have been all inspired by those who filled in the survey – my heart is bursting for the amazing sharing you did.

What they said 🙂

For now beautiful awesome one – big hugs and big love to you. Check out the blogs, send me an email on what you are inspired to do this year and take a risk.


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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
Goddess, please share, like and follow my blog!



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