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Nearly 50 and fabulous – 9 beliefs that have set me up to embrace the next phase of life.

Hello gorgeous one, Luanne here. I hope you’v had your cuppa because this might be a long one but I’m not sure. 

I just wanted to come on live here today and share with you 9 things that I’ve learnt while I’m hitting to 50 and the reason why, I’ve got some notes here, is because in my 30’s and in my 40’s I had great big celebrations and parties on those dates and this year as I’m turning 50, I kind of forgot about it. And it wasn’t because I meant to, it just kind of snuck up on me before I even knew it. And I had actually booked to go to India for my birthday and then I’m heading over to Byron Bay after that. And the India trip got cancelled so I’m no longer on that but I kind of want to celebrate in some way differently. And so I noticed it was the 20th February 2020  yesterday and I went holy cow, my birthday is on the 1st of March. And I thought I’ve got some celebrations and some preparations but I noticed I hadn’t had a reflection. I noticed I hadn’t really had time to reflect so I kind of quickly grabbed my notepad and I just started writing, and what came out of that is 9 beliefs that got me to where I am to embrace 50 in a great way. And I am not a woman who cares about my age, I’m okay with my age, it’s not that I’m turning 50 and I’m just going to hide out and not tell anybody. I was just surprised that I didn’t do anything. 

I just want to give you a background leading up to that so that’s why I said grab your cuppa. And I was going to send this out one belief a day but I’m kind of in the mood now so I’m just taking inspired action and just showing up. 

So in my 30’s I moved to Pierce town and I wasn’t married then but I did celebrate that with some friends. We were in the local footy club, and I just wrote down that on my 30’s there’s a lot of football players in my house, and local community and my family. And I look back at that 30 year old there, 20 years on and I’m not surprised I’m just she had known then what I know now, but it was a lovely celebration. And then it took me the 10 years to, my 40th was the big epitome.  And so I moved house, I built my dream house, got the pool and I had to make sure everything was perfect for this big celebration, I think there was 100 people there. I don’t know why I had it in my mind to celebrate, I think 40 was big then I wasn’t even dreaming of 50 or 60 or anything beyond there. And my family who are in New Zealand, I had to give them 5 years notice to save up. We’re not from a rich family at all but I had to give them that time to come over and get everything ready and most of them showed up so it was a whole week long celebration and my kids were quite little then. And I remember at 40, it was a great time it was the last time I actually saw my auntie Luanne, I’m her namesake and she came over and she passed away the next year and it was kind of beautiful that I got to spend time with her and all my cousins and all that. And even now when I look back at that 40 year old in some of the photos, some are in Facebook or some of the people who were there that I don’t see much of anymore because we all change. We change, we evolve, and its just that we’ve got onto different directions. And that’s not one of the 9, that’s just as I’m taking its coming out. And so that was my 40th, I started on I think the year before I actually redone my hand analysis training and I knew what my life purpose was. So I started to go to America and train and bring that back so that 10 year gap was one of just finding out who I was at a real soul level and putting that into action and showing up as that person. Try to do it everyday, sometimes failing miserably and sometimes, you know, kicking the goals and doing the work. So I started out really as a coach 10 years ago just before I did my had  training like a life coach and I started doing classing my clients and that kind of wasn’t enough and I started doing the Goddess Circles and training people and doing Goddess Circles and started building my community back then. And then in the kind of mid-40’s or 5 years ago, I got divorced. I separated and got divorced and it was a start of a new phase. We’re all in different phases at any one time and when I talk about this, the three Goddess Phases – Maiden, Mother, and Wise Woman, and then there’s the season Winter, Autumn, Summer, Spring and you can never just be go, go, go, go. You never can just be in the summer living your life there, for one its exhausting. So those 5 years ago when I was divorced it just changed a lot for me, it just kind of not reinvent myself but really get clear of what was important to me going forward. So I didn’t shut my business down fully, I just put it on a slow burn, I had to go through my autumn and my winter phases of hibernation, finding out what was important to me which was really huge and really important and then coming out again. I actually worked for somebody else which was fun and it was a great support for me but now I have to go back to what my soul purpose is in my finger  prints. 

So that’s a bit of a back story as I am leading to my path to my purpose here. And so I’m just going to go through the 9 things and if you’re watching this on replay some or all of these may pertain to you and you can do what you like with them, I just feel like I was inspired to share them today. 

So number one for me was that, and excuse me for reading my notes I actually just came in here and within 10 minutes wrote these down. So number one is that “Life is here to experience” and it means no hiding, no wishing things were better and not to waste my life. And when I’m saying waste my life it kind of feels quite contemptuous actually. But what I mean by we’re here to experience all of it, the good and the bad, the different cycles that we go through, and I believe, these are totally my own beliefs you can leave them, you may agree with them, its no matter, its just things that I want to share with you. The no hiding part was a big piece of me, I found like in my 30’s and 40’s I was coming out and showing up because I was doing work that I didn’t really love, there were parts of it that I love but I knew there was something more and I think this point is we’re here to experience it so I had to go out and start learning new things. I did not know how to be a coach, I did not know how to do hand analysis, I knew how to do business, I knew how to do certain systems and kind of knew how to get people together but I didn’t know the rest of it. So I learned about that and the not hiding piece was when I had my hands read she just nailed me. She just nailed me, because I always wanted to kind of be seen and make an impact in my own special way so the not hiding was huge. Not knowing what to say, how to even use technology, all that kind of thing, but regardless of that your life is here to experience it all and not just sitting back and wishing things were different, its to take that action. 

Number 2 is “Only tell people who will support your dreams, they are the only ones that get to know your inner desires.” I do hear a lot of people, you know, they’re really excited about something and they might tell not necessarily their partner or friend but they’re not kind of on the same wave length as you. So they’re like okay or they will come up with “did you think about this?” or “what of this happens?” So its not to tell those people and sometimes don’t tell anybody. Just keep it to yourself and keep fueling that fire until you meet the right tribe or you meet the right people. And its really important that you do get witnessed by someone. Again, someone who supports you not someone who’s not I want to say vibration but I want to use these words that are not just out there I want to make them really simple to understand here. So you will attract your vibe attracts your tribe we know that right so tell those people and get it witnessed by the right people so that helps you stay on your path. 

The third one is that “you don’t have to do this all alone.” There’s always a way through and it takes work and responsibility to own up to it. So one of my things is that I am very independent and the old me if I needed to find out a way, I would find it myself. And its probably because I didn’t want to look silly or look like I didn’t know it and I would find it, I would find a way to do things and it could take me a long time or I could find it quite quickly. But this whole point is that this independence can keep me isolated. So the 30, 40 part up until now I kind of shut myself off to others unconsciously, this is all unconscious, but know that we don’t have to do it alone. And when I found the peril of being in a mastermind, being in a group of like minded people and that having a coach and a mentor that I could ask questions, it just cut that time in half and it gave me a new perspective. And sometimes I still have to catch myself especially more so in a relationship I’m like “I’m independent, I don’t need you” and I know that pattern can come up so I have to say to myself you don’t have to do this all alone and I do believe we are not meant to be alone in the work that you do.

So number 4 is “to be kind to you. Be kind to you like you are kind to other people.” And I work with a lot of healers and coaches and just amazing people who are so beautiful, they are just so kind and sometimes I see them not being kind to themselves as I’ve done the same to me. I think its not to be not to just let yourself be a walk over, you absolutely need boundaries but sometimes you know we treat ourselves not as nice as we should so we need to be put first and be kind to ourselves and my beautiful friend Pamelah she’d always be like “oh you’re not being kind to yourself, you need to love yourself more.” You just have to say no sometimes, I put in those boundaries. 

Number 5 I have here that “every person you meet is in your soul family be it for a season, a reason, or a lifetime.” And I am of the belief, what was the book, Conversations with God by Neil Donald Walsh. When I came out of my NLP training which was about 15 years ago somebody in the course said “have you read Conversations with God?” and I’m like oh my gosh first the word God triggered me, I went is that some kind of a bible book even though when I was younger I used to love, my mum was in the pentecostal church, and the pentecostal church had these great magazines, pictures of the biblical stories. I love the biblical stories, I love mythology, all that kind of thing and I was like that book just triggered me because it took me back to kind of that times and so in Conversations with God it actually spout out for me a lot of what I sensed, I kind of already knew that we kind of make these contracts before we can reincarnate here on the planet and there’s a little journey of the soul. And its kind of like I’ll agree to meet you this is when we’re up there wherever that is, I’ll agree to meet you down here on earth and you teach me this, you teach me jealousy, or you teach me kindness, or you teach me compassion, or you can teach me this power, okay so I agree to that and then I agree to teach you this. And then we get amnesia, so we forget that we made that contract until we come down here and we find each other. We actually find each other so that we can fulfill those contracts and its the good and the bad. It’s like the person you’ve had a relationship and they may dump you and its like wow, in your soul family, that person was supposed to teach you independence, or to teach you compassion about another person. I always think that we have contract with each other and when I’m doing circles or a great example was a couple of weeks ago i sat in a circle on our retreat and there was  of us in the circle and its like we’ve don this before or we have had an agreement to come together at this time and space and sit down here and inspire each other to be on purpose. I always believe that, it does help get me through some tricky times. Instead of being angry at that person or situation, I go okay I remember it was a contract and thank you for the lesson and move on. You can tell these people, you can tell by the look in their eyes, there’s a familiarity in them. So that’s number 5 that I learnt leading into my 50’s.  

Number 6 is that “while I am nearly 50, it still feels like I have not achieved my full potential.” And so number 6 is that our full potential, I don’t think we ever reach it. It’s weird right? Because I think our potential keeps moving and keeps evolving as we do and so there’s never any place where we have to arrive at, its just enjoying the journey all the way. That’s number 6. 

Number 7 is that “having children has been such a growth potential for me.” And for those who don’t know my story I did have a tumor in my pituitary gland when I was around 25 and it was so big that I couldn’t be operated on but was benign so I had radiotherapy. The doctor said to me you’re probably not going to have children because the radiotherapy it supposed to get the tumor but it can get some other cells around there and it is quite normal for women who go through that not to for that to happen. So I did not really hear that doctor, I think I was still quite in shock but my ex-husband did and he said to me. I never expected to have children, I was waiting for the, was it the mother gene, I was waiting for something to go boom you need to have children now. And so I was quite an older mother, 34 when I had cooper, and yeah I always say I’m a high achiever because I didn’t do it once, I did it twice. But what they have shown me is just, I can’t even explain it, but if I have to say one thing its that I have somebody else to care for, somebody else I have to be selfish for with my time so I can give more time to them, you know that nurturing, I’ve learned how to nurture them and just being coming from a family who didn’t kind of have that and not repeating the same things that happened to me. And love my parents, love my mum and its not any of their fault, its like wow I could raise these kids the same way or I can change it. And I hope I’ve done it, I hope I’ve done a good job and to actually get to a point that they can go off by themselves. Go off into this world and I know that’s really scary for a lot of mums, one friend of mine said no they’re going to live with me for the rest of my life and I’m like no they will not. But just having that care for another person who are so dependent on you that’s been amazing. And some women don’t choose not to have children, I’m not touching anyone at all if you don’t have had a child, its just that I didn’t think I would. I did and they light up my life so much and if you’re a mum you know how that feels. 

So number 8, and its a bit of a repeat of the last one, its “there is a season for everything and everything needs to be celebrated.” Like I kind of said in the beginning, and definitely there’s some great coaches out there right who actually do their businesses on their cycles, on their menstrual cycles and it kind of makes sense to me. As a woman it kind of makes sense, some months you’re like all go, some months no I just need to rest. Even if there is a season for coming out, for me I know when I did that 5 years ago the separation, it was the season to go within. Go in. And numerology is a great thing for this too, you can actually track when things, or your astrological chart, all these sort of things. I don’ get that done very often but I do know its a really helpful thing because when you go against the season that you’re actually in, it feels really hard and really challenging. So when you know what season you are in or what you’re coming into it just works better for your purpose and for you. So you kind of have to work it out and I think I’ve always been somebody who’s just go go go go and I think I had the energy back then, and now that I’m nearly 50 I can feel when I don’t feel like doing that, I’m not on 24/7. There’s other things to do but I also have to listen to my body a lot more. So if it doesn’t want to happen, it doesn’t want to happen. 

So number 9, the final one, and I’m sure there’s a lot more but these are the ones that were channeled out, the ones that came out for me. Is that “your life purpose is always evolving. It doesn’t change but the way you express it can.” So when I say it doesn’t change, because I’m a master and analyst, I know what my purpose is according to my fingerprints. I know what my foundation path is, I know my life lessons, and I know what I’m here to express. But just knowing doesn’t mean you are doing. And so when I do the hand analysis reports, you’ve got this beautiful report, its got your big statement there, all your gift markings everything included and what happens to people is like it can be quite overwhelming because its this one big thing. But you don’t have to do it all at once, you do not. I actually have every purpose in my hands, every purpose and that’s a lot. And that doesn’t mean that somebody with one or two fingers with purpose is less that, no way. Its just that there’s probably more confusion when every purpose is on your fingerprint. So I just take it day by day. I take it day by day, I know my over arching purpose, and I’m like how am I going to express or experience this part of my purpose today. And so it does change as you go through your different phases in life as a woman. As you come up with different challenges as you’re inspired, it can change at any one time but I know at the end of the day I will always come back to to my purpose at some stage. It’s always, I think its always, we’re always on purpose in some shape or form, sometimes we don’t actually really realize it. 

So those are the 9 things or the 9 beliefs that I’ve kind of summarizing over the last week. I’m sure there’s more reflection and I think if you haven’t reflected on your last year as every new years, its great to look at the past and see what we’ve learnt and then move forward. So I’m kind of doing that for the decade and looking forward to turning that 50, whatever that means and preparing. So I do know as I’m going into this wise woman phase, there’s something bigger calling me but I’m not reaching for it like in a grabby way. I’m just letting it unfold and I think that’s all we can do when we’re expressing that purpose, embodying our purpose. Lets just take one step each day. 

So that’s its beautiful ones, thank you for me. I feel like I’ve just been raving and riveting on but in some shape of form I was inspired to do this and I was inspired, take what you want from it and if you do take anything from this please leave me a comment below, I’m going to share this with my group as well. 

Okay beautiful ones, until next week. Have a beautiful weekend because here it is Friday. I hope you’ve got some great things planned or yourself, be kind, express yourself, take a risk and many blissing to you. Bye for now. 

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