Never make assumptions

Never make assumptions – my check in vid today 

Hi everyone! Luanne here, chief-Goddess at Goddess on Purpose. Today I just wanted to do a quick video about assumptions and it’s really interesting because sometimes I consider myself out there on Facebook and doing emails and things like that. I’m probably talking more about social media. And you come across people who don’t know what you do. So, it was really interesting. I was in my private group the other day and typing about a gift marking class that is coming up, or I think it was a webinar that we did around with hands. And so for those who know me, I’m a hand analyst and that’s one of the tools in my toolbox that I use and I’m all about purpose. I’m all about identifying your purpose, the thing that’s holding you back and how to really implement that into your life. Life purpose by design. So i’m happily sharing out there in the world and then I see on one of my videos somebody posted – Do you do hand readings? And I’m actually going, like what?! Do I do hand readings? I thought you knew I do hand readings. And this beautiful woman who I’ve been interacting with, for a little while, and I just assumed, I made the assumption that perhaps she would have already seen the website or gone off to the page. And that brought me back to a really good wake up call because you should never assume. You should never assume that people know what you do. Especially if you’re using Facebook Live or trying to get out there. Even if you’re doing a talk. Sometimes when I do talk and do speaking engagements, i always have to go over my story a little bit in the beginning, and sometimes, because I say it so many times [I might bore the audience]. So I have to check in with myself and go – Well even if they have heard it before, it doesn’t hurt to hear it again because it can come in at a different layer. They might be in a different space listening to you. And especially for the new ones, they don’t know your story, they don’t know you’re a hand analyst, they don’t know you’ve done Goddess work before and all that kind of stuff. So it does pay to never assume that people know all about you. So I thank you Marie who wrote on there – Do you read hands? And yes i do read hands and that’s a way of, you always have to go out there and promote yourself and share what you do. And be unashamed about that, it’s okay because this is your gift to the world. Never assume that people know everything about you because clearly they don’t. And yeah, just do it! So many blissings to you, hop over to my blog with the 7 Ways to Embody Your Goddess or Know Your Life Purpose, its a video series I’ve done there. And have a great day, bye for now. 

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