Power and Jealousy

Power and Jealousy in your hands

Luanne Mareen here, Chief Goddess at Goddess On Purpose, and I’m doing this shoot, quick video to do with life purpose, in particular hand analysis. So in a couple of conversations recently, I’ve just recently done the Path to Purpose event tour and it was a two and a half day event, and we talked about all things purpose and hand analysis. And your purpose shows up in your fingerprints. And there’s two kind of archetypes I want to talk about today.

One is the Jupiter, the Jupiter finger, the pointer finger, which is if you had this as your purpose, it’s all about power, leadership, protecting the realm, expanding the realm because Jupiter in Greek mythology is the god of gods. So he’s in the whole division to be out front.

The Apollo finger is the creative artist and all about expression, and Apollo was the favourite son of Jupiter. So there’s this kind of energy we could go into so much about with Jupiter and Apollo, but I’m talking about this particular topic today because it came up in conversation. And it was that Apollos need to be the favourite of somebody, right?

They need to be the favourite daughter, son, favourite student, favourite friend, because they just … they kind of need that attention, which is totally fine. And if you have Apollo, I have Apollo in my purpose, so I want to be out there and creating. And really in the path to purpose, I actually say, “Well, the Jupiter, the Apollos have to kind of be apprenticed and the Jupiters need an apprentice. So the Jupiters is all about leadership, expanding the realm, protecting the realm, so they need to delegate. And because the Apollo needs to be in the favour of somebody and he was Jupiter’s favourite son, it really helps him to be apprenticed by a Jupiter. Now, the Jupiter does not have to apprentice only Apollos, but in that kind of conversation, it really does support because Jupiter needs somebody to be second in charge.

It does not have to be Apollo, but it kind of suits what I was saying at the time. So if you do have the Apollo and you kind of lose somebody who you were the favourite of, literally, like your father or your parent has left the world, that leaves a really big hole in your heart. Of course it does, of course it does, but you do still need to seek out and and be the favourite of somebody else. It can kind of pull up jealousy as well, the Apollo can be very jealous and if you don’t, I mean, jealousy’s a good emotion or a good thing if you are conscious of it and you go, “Oh, I want that.”

So you set about getting it in a non-manipulative way. And then the Jupiter, right? It’s all about power. So if it’s your purpose, it’s about stepping and climbing up with claiming your power. And if it’s your lesson, definitely it is about bringing that power back to you, and that authority that you have. So I just wanted to clear that up. And if you do have Jupiter, if you are leader, or if you’ve got the Apollo, and then if you have both, you’re this beautiful influencer.

So I’ll do another video about that later. So does that resonate with you? You can click like, share this or come after to www.goddessonpurpose.com where there’s lots of more other videos about life purpose, Goddessence and living by your design.

Okay. Bye for now.

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