Precious, Push, Proactive

Hey beautiful ones, Luanne here, I hope you can see me okay. I’m going to do our purpose reading today. I hope you are self-isolating and doing all the things that we are all supposed to do at this time. I actually did send my kids to school today and they sent me a message to please pick them up so my partner is picking them up now. They’ve had enough, they’re just sitting in classrooms not doing much so holidays has come early. I know its a serious time at the moment but  I hope you can be positive and keeping connected. This is great, we’ve got the internet here, we’ve got the phone, if you’re reaching out to people its a good thing. 

Okay so as usual, I choose 3 cards to do with your purpose how to, now push it along or how you can express it a little bit more. You can choose 1, 2, or 3 or you can have the whole 3. I’m using my own deck today the Goddess on Purpose Oracle. So let’s start with 3. I’m sitting here its freezing cold like a Nana with a blanket. I haven’t set on the heaters just yet. I’m just pulling out 3. Okay, yeah, very interesting times indeed. 

So the first card I have here is Precious and the message here is ” Do you realize how precious you really are like beautiful crystals that shine their essence out into the world.” I think it was even out last week we got that card and just in the middle there there are these beautiful crystals put onto this painting. And its the time to remember how precious our loved ones are in this certain time, how precious everything is to us in the world. I’ve been watching David Wilcock if you Google him, he’s quite alternative, he’s very interesting actually, and it may or may not align with you but I was following him probably about 10 years ago and he’s, I don’t even want to talk about what he talks about but as you’re just watching him makes me feel even better, this too shall pass. Even in China apparently there are no more cases but you know everyone is in hype at the moment and all that. So at these precious times just stay with them, if you’re feeling a little bit anxious or a lot anxious remembering who you are, what your purpose is, so that’s number one. 

Our second card is Push and the message is “When you are feeling the gentle nudge on your shoulder to move forward, its time to gently push open the door to the expansion that is happening right now.” So this is not pushing people out of the way in the supermarket lines right going for your toilet paper. This is hearing the nudge of your purpose and now is kind of the perfect time, what did I read, its a global time out. Where everybody has been so busy and so filled with anxiety in normal life, and now the whole world is just like okay stop and do your work. Do the projects that you have been putting off, now is that time. So that’s the gentle push there, you see your beautiful wings out there, your beautiful outstretched arms holding you in that. And I’m certainly working on a couple of things, its quite interesting. I made sure you know, I got dressed this morning, put on my make up just like I was going to work, I mean I work from home anyway so nothings really change except that kids will be back a bit more and my partner who is a little bit the same, he works out but he works at home as well. He got dressed and I was like where are you off to he goes nowhere I/m just going to get changed to feel, I don’t want to be in my track pants all day. So feeling this nudge, you know what you need to do it is time to do it. And even though sometimes I’ve got a lot of projects I’m still in my mind I go what should I do first. Sometimes we need that little bit of stress to actually push us into this project but now its just okay check in, come back into your body to check in what you want to do and do it, you know, take that time. 

Our third card is proactive. Beautiful heart there, beaming out love and light to everybody to wherever you are. “How proactive are you now in your purpose dear Goddess. Shifting gears and start to engage the universe with your gifts.” So for me this card is to take action. It is to engage in what you want to do. So for now, some things I’m doing in my business is looking at my list and going okay I need to clean up my list. That’s being proactive so that message that I send out go to the right people, I don’t want to just blanket everybody with a Goddess card reading when what they want to know is about business. So going into my computer here, cleaning up my desktop, being proactive, my desktop when I download things I just put them straight on there and its not great to look at, it slows my computer down. So now I have the time to do that. I’ve actually been de-cluttering as well making space to be proactive. So what are the kind of things you are doing right now to make space? Again we’ve got a lot of time and hopefully not for too long. 

So those are our 3 cards today. We have Precious, remember how precious you are, precious your friends are reach out to them. feeling a gentle nudge of your purpose. And also being proactive. 

I’m looking at my nails here, I had them done the other day I just cut them off so I can type really fast. You can’t go and get your nails done, you can’t get your hair done, but you can get food, you can get wine, you can connect so you keep doing those beautiful ones and I hope you are feeling okay with what’s going on right now. 

So lot’s of love to you, you can share, like, or comment below, let me know what’s happening for you at the moment. 

Okay, bye for now. 

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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