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Hi beautiful ones, Luanne here, how are you? I am back from my holiday for my birthday, it was amazing thank you for all the well wishes and its quite surreal. You know like a week ago we’re in Byron Bay we were  kind of in this real bubble didn’t really know what was going on , the shelves were too bad although there was lots of toilet paper at Byron Bay and then the next day we went and it was gone and it just started to trickle in. And so we talked about it a lot, we talked about it a lot with my partner, with my friends, and what does this mean for us and I think at the end of the day it is just to keep being present. You know and I know that you’ve seen it all over the news and it just keeps being repeated and repeated and repeated, you know everyone goes into panic buying, there’s no food for the elderly, if they can get into the shops there’s nothing to buy for them. Actually myself, I came in for my daughter’s birthday which was yesterday I made her, she just loves lasagna, so I went oh I’ll just go and get some mints and we go to a local outy here and there was still some mints there and then when I got home I saw everything on TV, there’s no mints everywhere people fighting over all that kind of stuff. So I did manage to get some, I didn’t stock pile or anything, I did get another roll of toilet paper because it was there. What I’m trying to say is just keep calm, keep present, be thoughtful, we’re all in this together. We are all in this together. And it was so interesting, 3 weeks ago I started the Connection Experiment which was actually to bring people together to be able to send notes of appreciation and love and just say hi I’m thinking about you because we are so isolated and I want to extend an invitation, we do it every Friday, I’m sending out a card to somebody. It was just interesting that I thought wow I didn’t even realize what was happening then. 

So I’m going to do the cards today and of course the cards, our message for this week I normally do it, it’s all about purpose. And sometimes in the work that we’re doing its like some of them are all going what’s its all for anyway, we’re all going to get it, somethings going to happen but no you just have to pull yourself back into that higher vibration of positive mindset. So I’m pulling these 3 cards for this week, doing it today, and we’ll just see whats happening for you, how can you keep present and how can you keep contributing to keep connected with others even though we’re not allowed to touch or shake hands and all that kind of stuff. There’s still ways that we can connect with each other and think about our fellow humans. So you can choose one, two, or three and then I’ll put, I actually will put one over action card or I don’t know what I’m going to do. So here are the cards, one , two, or three, or you can have all three. 

So the first card is progress and it says you are making great progress dear one, even if it doesn’t feel like it on the outside know that there are great changes inside for the positive happening. A positive happening on the inside and there is progress, right. when I think about this, its interesting when we’re thinking about our business, if you’re an entrepreneur in the business there’s always some kind of project going on and right now, right now we’re like what do I work on. And I was watching one of my coaches and what she was saying into our group today and it was really good actually and she was kind of saying like its probably not the time to launch anything new but it could be actually a time to finish some of the projects that you’ve been putting off. We’re kind of in lock down, well not in Australia yet but I know my mum’s over in New Zealand and she was actually booked to come over at the start of the month in April. And so she is on 2 weeks quarantine over there at the moment and I think the whole country is. If she was to come over here she would have to self-isolate and not a great holiday but going back to the progress, it is time now to finish some things off for you. For me, it would be maybe putting on some more things online to make it accessible. I run events and I’ve got to make a decision about our April event which I will come and announce soon. That’s probably gong to be moved down but for those who got tickets, don’t stress its all good. So that could be something and there’s always a silver lining and I’m not saying that to, you’ve got to be so careful with what you actually say especially with our spiritual beliefs and you know the people that have passed, bless them, something that is something very terrible. So coming back to here, not getting caught up in all the who-ha just finishing some things off. You might want o de-clutter your home, you might want to finish that online program that you have. So just know that progress is happening and hopefully as things progress with this, its the timing thing right, well my belief is just hang tight in there. 

Our second card is practice. and it says it is time for you to practice what you preach. You have beautiful wisdom within you, daily practice is now upon you. And when you’re watching this I know you are somebody of a higher mindset right, I don’t believe that if you’re watching this you would have been ones that are stock piling toilet paper or fighting over it in the supermarket. And its human nature, things are happening to our mammalia or our reptile brain so we’re thinking about ourselves. But keep up with your practices, keep up with your meditation, keep up with staying home, coming into your womb space, heart space, your mind, and then connecting them altogether. Remember who you are, remember who you are and do this daily practices to keep you aligned, to keep you positive, to keep you in the gratitude. So that’s our second card. 

The third card is Principle. And it says are you living your top 5 principles and what are they? it is time to identify them and embody them everywhere in your life. I love that card, very zen, and I think this is the message for all of us right now is coming back into that zen, the practice, and the progress of our practices and holding our principles and not forgetting about the people. Not forgetting that we are all in this now together. And if your principles are community, and keep staying present in the community, you should keep showing up in the community, keep being of service to the community, of course its going to come back to us all. 

So those are our three cards, Progress, Practice, and Principle. And I’m going to actually grab another deck in here and let’s use the oracle deck. We’ll use the Goddess Oracle deck and see what our over arching card is today. This is really interesting, we have Kali, and the actual word under there is fear. Its synchronicity. I’m actually going to read this. Kali she is the Goddess of Destruction and that’s kind of what we feel right now. Everything that we hold dear, I’m not saying its destructed, I’m just saying part of that life, part of the things that we did as a collective it has to fall away so a new path is coming, so she is cutting through it all. And again with Kali, it doesn’t always feel good, I’m not saying that its a silver lining , but there is always a silver lining, I’m just saying the more we stay present and not go into watching the news everyday, and I guess keep up with whats happening, my partner puts it on all the time actually and I could find myself get caught up and its the same thing over and over again. If you’re a little bit scared and you’re like okay I can get through this, if you keep watching it it just goes in further and further, kind of like the lines on your hand, the one way you think, the deeper the line is. So let me come back to Kali, so the triple Goddess of Creation. And it actually says this, Kali has begun her dance on your life to tell you it is time to face your fears. All that is lurking ominously either buried beneath, deep in you in the darkness or close by. It needs to be stared in the eye and bought into the light of consciousness. Are your fears serving you by warning you about dangerous places, things, or people or do your fears prevent you from dancing your dance, living your life and creating with creation.  Kali comes to tell you that your dance is needed as a whole dance of creation. Wholeness is nurtured when you reclaim pieces of yourself that you’ve given over to fear. Most fears are formless, by naming or witnessing your fear you gain power. Wholeness is created when you learn to acknowledge your fears and you learn to walk through them. Which is kind of what we’re doing now. So that’s the over arching, Kali. It’s showing us that facing our fears, not getting caught up in what’s happening but being mindful, so there we have it. 

So much love to you beautiful Goddess, and if you would like to join the connection experiment which is just sending a person a card, a note, once a week to spread that love and remind each person that they are thought of, that they are loved and they are appreciated. I’m going to put the link below. It’s free it would cost you a stamp or an envelope or a paper but come and join us and keep spreading that love, staying home within ourselves and many blissing to you. Bye for now. 

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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