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Pushed Boundaries

This is Henry.  Henry is actually a SHE, and she’s actually my neighbour’s cat.


I moved to my new abode in April and one day she suddenly appeared.  I have a cat called Dora and they are not friends.


However, Henry sometimes sleeps underneath my back patio on a regular basis (even though She lives across the road with lovely owners. 


She comes out yawning in the morning, a little dishevelled and she’s so cute …. I couldn’t help myself.


I just gave her a little bit of food – not every day but now she has taken that gesture of kindness to come in through the back door and eat Doras FOOD !!.


Oh Hell No Henry – Dora and I are not having that so I shoo shoo her out the gate only to have her appear the next morning. 


Clearly, Henry or Henrietta enjoyed my act of kindness but obviously, she is taking no notice of my “Boundaries”. 

I am ok for her to visit, but she really needs to learn that she can’t just invite herself inside and start eating my cats food.


So where did I go wrong here?

and yes she’s a cat …… do they even have boundaries 😉 but I reflected where in my life I have not had strong enough boundaries with others.


I am School of Service in Hand Analysis which means the act of service itself is the reward – I enjoyed patting and feeding her little bits of leftover cat food.


But when Service  starts to feel out of obligation as those cute eyes looked up and she’s rubbing up against my leg  – then resentment can come in especially when Dora comes out and just stares at us both as if to say “hmmmmm WHAT’S GOING ON HERE”

This can also transfer to People in my life.  They are there to teach me better boundaries and to activate my Jupiter finger (Power) . 

Being a Master Hand Analyst and teacher of Scientific Hand Analysis everything that happens in my own life I can relate to what I have decoded in the Map in my Hand.


Two maps – one personality, one Soul Purpose.  


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