Queen of the Underworld (read time 3 min)

March is my little Goddesses birthday.  Affrica Paikea turned 11, and she has been one of my greatest joys.

She wanted to do a live video of her dancing this morning before school (it helps knowing her Life Purpose which involves creative expression in the Spotlight) so I love it when she wants to do these things, as I can see so much joy in her.

Before I went live – I started tidying things up in the room behind her …. you know Nala my dog was sitting on the couch, I needed to straighten up a few pillows, but when I started to do that, she came out with “Mum, you don’t have to tidy up, it looks fine, never be embarrassed of our place it’s lovely.  It’s always lovely … now lets do this 😉 !!!”

To which I was kind of gobsmacked.  Of course we have to tidy up a few things, but when she said that to me,  I stopped and pushed the video record button.

affandmum-normal.jpgShe danced away on her birthday and she didn’t care about the untidy cushions or messy bookcase. She was in her flow and she knew that people will love her display no matter WHAT – untidy house and all.  (yes Aff I taught you well ;))

So my little Goddess reminded me of a Gift Marking that has been playing out in my hands recently.  It’s called the Persephone Line and also means you have Queen of the Underworld energy. !!!

It’s a public requirement to use this Gift marking, one of guiding lost souls aka deep and meaningful listening and using your intuition with others. The penalty can feel like lethargy, depression that comes on quick and just disconnected.

As always I use my life as teaching moments and did a facebook live all about Persephone that you can watch here CLICK TO WATCH

Ahh the beauty of messages all around you at the most unexpected times.

Wishing you a great hump day as I go to purchase Ice cream birthday cake for later.

Many blissings Luanne


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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
Goddess, please share, like and follow my blog!



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