Raise your standards woman !!!

So I read this list – and it is totally OK for all of it. Some of it you might say argghhhhh it’s ok but it totally sucks – (like I did to quite a few) but I know most of it is needed. Do the work, live the work, BE the work – then not only your beloved will show up – YOU will SHOW up.

There are many here who desire to make an Impact, we go out and search and work our arses off and we forget what is at home. What is the foundation, what’s happening with the kids, are we being PRESENT while we are on this quest to find the one. ???

With Purpose in the forefront – what I find is many are “working” and out of “balance”. They desire this connection with another yet forget about themselves.

It has taken me many slaps in the face to finally come to the realisation of what really matters to me. My children first (and to be truly transparent they always were but I didn’t act like it ) – I ran away from what I didn’t want to face and work work work, and they missed out or rather I missed out on moments with them I will never get back.

And to that I strive for so much this time around. With my children in the forefront and still not forgetting my souls calling. We are caretakers of our children, we shape them, we teach them, they chose us. So remembering when they have gone out into the world on their new adventure, taking risks and stuffing it up like we did many more times than once, I strive for them to love themselves wholly. Just like I strive for myself to do the same. But I will not stand for them taking on the same wounds that we have grown up with. We are better than that. We never have to impart on our kids what we went through. We need to change that story today. Because they have been sent to us to teach us to do that.

So many people are troubled right now. There is support, there is healing to do. Stop numbing out and raise your head in honor of what you have come to do, be and HAVE – because in the end we are here live, love and express who we are.

I see you. And I am always inspired by those who can stick their heads out and challenge the status quo. To be the trail blazers and take risks in their life. For the faint hearted this is anxiety on steroids, but the opposite is what ….. A life of longing.

As we go Gently or Fiercely there really is no difference – stop judging yourself and others and connect with communities who GET you. Then you GET you. What was it that Forest said ? Life is like a box of chocolates you never know what you will get. I suppose in regards to that – We can decide what we get – because remember they have the “menu” Choose carefully beautiful in who you let into your life. They alway show up for a season, a reason or a lifetime ♥♥♥ they are coming – or they might already be here <3

Blissings Luanne Mareen

Broken Open – thanks for the inspiration ♥♥♥


It’s ok to be lonely

It’s ok to be single

It’s ok to be celibate

It’s ok to be picky

It’s ok to be selective

It’s ok to be sad

It’s ok to wait

It’s ok to want more

It’s ok to want a lot more

It’s ok to walk away

It’s ok to be passionate

It’s ok to be expressive

It’s ok to be pissed off

It’s ok to be in process

It’s ok to be cautious

It’s ok to have high standards

It’s ok to be exactly who you were created to be



What’s not ok is to stay with someone who doesn’t value you or even worse belittles you, emotionally manipulates you and treats you poorly.


It’s not ok for a beautiful, valuable, magnificent, unique, lovely woman to accept a low standard. We have to demand more from ourselves and the men in our lives.


Do your work, love yourself madly and don’t settle for a man who isn’t ready. Conscious people/ conscious relationships have the power to raise the bar in life and in love. Don’t settle for less. You deserve magnificence.


Sending love and strength into this space today.


Jennifer Funk


Broken Open

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