Responsibility, Order, Laughter and Precious

Good morning beautiful ones, is it morning still or its nearly lunch time.

How are you, Luanne Mareen here and I am doing our path to purpose message for the week. It’s been my birthday on Sunday, and I just feel so loved and so appreciated. I didn’t really want to come back in to work this week so I’m easing myself back into it, easing myself.

I just want to say thank you to all the beautiful, beautiful people who came and celebrated with me and the ones that I get to celebrate with this Sunday and the ones that weren’t there, for the gifts oh my gosh, its just amazing. 

But before I do the cards though, I wanted to share this beautiful creation. Look at this. The beautiful Kim Rodseth made this for me. It’s just divine, I hope its doing its justice there. I read the back of it and the name of this is “Wise Women Unleashed” which I am 50 so I am in my wisemen years now. And I love the quote she wrote on it and it says “A wise woman can predict the future because she creates it.” I just read that and just have a little bit of a heart, love heart feeling into that but I wanted to share that to all of you. Hey Britta, how are you my darling? So a wise woman can predict the future because she creates it, so that’s for all of us Goddess sisters here today. 

So how we normally do this is you pick one, two, or three, or you can have the whole three. I’m using the Goddess oracle today, my absolute favourite. The sign of your favourite deck is when you got the box ripped off. I do look after these but these are over 10 years since I got those. 

So one, two or three? and it is to do with your purpose, it is to help you on your search for your purpose, to embody your purpose, to show up in your purpose.

So the first card we have today, oh wow, is Maeve. Maeve, I’m sure she’s a coucher Goddess as well, and she got the ball there, the shield, the sword, the doves on her shoulder, and the word underneath is actually responsibility. Now for me it’s probably a message for me to get back to work and get things in place and there are certain things on our purpose that we have to do, right. And it’s also very closely linked to this middle finger, no I’m not giving you the bird, but the middle finger in hand analysis is also about responsibilities, self-worth, getting paid for what you’re worth right. Not doing the whole trade-off thing all the time, I know as healers we can do that, but knowing your own worth. So being responsible if you did pick  number one, it’s what do you need to complete? For me the message today is there may be a few projects around or there may be I mean there’s things like taxes and paying things on time or being responsible and showing up on the right day. Today’s Wednesday, I normally do this Tuesday, bad me. But it’s actually deeper than that. It’s what do you need to do to show up, to get in place, to put in place for your foundation of your purpose, taking responsibility for them. And also you know taking responsibility for our own emotion, they way we get triggered, the way we act out. And so interesting, I’ve had two of my best friends stay with me here and one of them she keeps going oh that’s a good trigger word, that’s a trigger word, that’s a trigger word, but she stayed in her own emotions with that. She didn’t lash out, it was quite funny at the time, but sometimes its not funny when we get triggered so keep that responsibility for yourself. 

Our second card today, hi Maria, good to have you here. It kind of comes off at the back of responsibility is Nukua. She looks Japanese, Nukua, and her message for our purpose is Order. So it’s almost like the same. It’s getting things in order, rubbish is getting picked up how interesting. Chipping out the old, getting rid of old beliefs, getting rid of old stuff around your place, creating your space, make it beautiful to work in, and you will notice, I will be truthful, I put it this way because I’ve had people stay and there’s cans of hairspray over there and little things over here so I need to get my desk in order. But to move forward on your purpose, everything needs to be in order and sometimes we just want to do the good stuff, right. We want to go straight to, if there were 10 things there we want to go straight to number 10 because that’s where the juice is but sometimes we have to go through the things that are quite uncomfortable for us. So that’s order, get your house in order with responsibility. 

And our third card, oh thank goodness, is Uzumi. And she’s all about laughter, look at her with her beautiful dancing there breast out, and I think she’s a Japanese Goddess as well, Uzumi. And it’s time to have fun, now of course all these stuff can be quite heavy or challenging or just a pain in the butt, right but here comes Uzumi at the end to remind you that its not all serious, yes get your house in order but after it have a good laugh and I’ve certainly have so many laughs over this last weekend, so many. And it just reminds you of the joy. And I was dropping off a friend yesterday with another friend and we talked about this activation. So you have this certain soul activation, this vibration, that when you show up in front of a person, you activate something special in them. 

And so this woman, I’m not going to tell you who it is but she actually activates joy. When I’m in her presence and she is kind of like this, not with the breasts out, but I just feel happy, I feel joyful around her so she activates that. 

So what an you kind of laugh at today? What can you be in the joy of? 

So those are our three cards, we have responsibility, we have order, and we have laughter. And I’m just going to do just one more to kind of just seal the deal. I’m going to use the Goddess on Purpose cards. I hope this makes sense to you, if you’re watching this, if you’re watching a replay, what’s coming up for you one, two, or three? And beautiful, so after all of these three cards let’s remember that you are precious and these are actual crystals in the middle of that painting there. You are precious, do you know how precious you really are like beautiful crystals that shine their essence out into the world and that’s so true of your purpose. Remembering all of that. 

I just want to show you this again. That is the purpose message for this week and I want to share with you and invite you to come to the path to purpose. If you’re in Australia and if you’re not in Australia you can get on a plane, I’ve got two events, one in Frankston here in April and one in Coolangatta in July and it’s a two and a half day, we come in on a Friday evening for the opening circle and then we have two days on our Path to Purpose, there’s four different paths you will definitely find out what yours is and what that actually means. It’s not just a big whoo-whoo hug fest although we will be doing that, a lot of that, we’re giving you tangible tools to put that into your business, into your life. So I’m really excited about that, the path to purpose, I’ll put the link somewhere in here and invite a friend as well. 

So thank you very much, I have work to do. yes I have to be responsible and get my ass in order and then Sunday I’ll be laughing. Okay bye for now. 

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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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