Authenticity defines my character

Self-Reflection: Authenticity defines my character

Authenticity defines my character.

In a world full of masks and imitation, I celebrate my true identity. I am proud to share it with others. It is the formula for constantly being at peace with my reality.

My life today represents my unique journey. I embrace each part of my story with pride. I am ready to tell the truth about my life to anyone who asks. There is always a part of my story that has the potential to positively influence someone else.

Being a people pleaser brings more sadness than joy. Whenever my actions or words are inauthentic, I feel unsettled in my soul.

My sense of purpose is important to me. It comes from my own mission as opposed to the motive of others. I refuse to let anyone tell me how to be. My worth is based on how I view myself and the depth of my potential.

When someone meets me for the first time, I show them who I really am. It makes little difference whether they like what they see or hear.

The sound of my voice and the face of my actions represent what I hold firm. Popularity holds little value to me. I prefer to be popular for being true to myself. When I base my actions on positive virtues, I automatically attract positive energy.

Today, when I look in the mirror, I see someone who is proud of their reflection. It is my view of myself that matters most. I dwell at peace in my identity because it is what makes me uniquely me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Where do the greatest pressures to impress usually come from?
  2. How do I ensure that I stay true to myself?
  3. What three things best define my authentic character?

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