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Self-Reflection: I have the strength to change my habits.

I know that my success is largely dependent on my habits. So, I am an expert on changing my habits and controlling my behavior. I control my future because I control my habits. I am in control of my destiny.

Bad habits can be challenging to overcome, but this is something I can do with minimal fuss. When I identify a bad habit, I identify a more positive habit to take its place. I substitute positive habits for negative habits. I eliminate a weakness and add a strength every time I do this.

I choose my habits carefully. I am aware of my goals and cultivate habits that bring me closer to my goals. It is an automatic mechanism for success that I control. Great habits deliver great results. I am committed to achieving great results in my life.

I am strong enough to change my behavior. I am very self-aware. I catch myself when I behave in a way that minimizes my success and happiness. I can quickly change my behavior to one that is more positive and supportive of the plans I have for the future.

Today, I feel highly motivated to enhance my behavior and change my habits for the better. I am showing myself and the world that I have the strength to change my habits to those that serve me.

Self-Reflection Questions:

1. What are five habits I want to change? Why do I need to change them?
2. What are five new habits I could implement in place of those five habits?
3. What are my goals? What are some habits that would support those goals?

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