Self-Reflections: Competition encourages me to put my best foot forward.

I welcome competitive situations. They help me put my best foot forward. I call on my greatest strengths when I face competition.

I realize my true potential when I compete. I avoid shying away from a fellow contender. When I test my limits, I become stronger.

When I am competing, my level of awareness increases significantly. I pay attention to the cues of my competitor and am aware of every move they make. Keeping abreast of their actions helps me plan my strategy for success.

Competition allows me to think on my feet. I can make good decisions quickly when I place myself in competitive situations.

I work well under pressure. When I recognize the magnitude of a victory in front of me, I buckle down and focus. I avoid allowing the pressure of competition to make me flustered. I remain confident and calm as I approach my goal.

My competitive spirit serves me well in a variety of situations. I am competitive at work and in my personal life.

I come out a better person when I compete, regardless of whether or not I am victorious. I learn valuable lessons and gain the experience needed to compete more effectively the next time around.

Today, I continue to build the courage to face competition head on. I may sometimes doubt my ability, but I am committed to putting those thoughts in the back of my mind.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What competitive sports and activities do I participate in?
  2. What new passions do I develop when I push myself to compete?
  3. How is my confidence boosted when I enter a competitive environment?


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