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Self-Reflections: I am freeing myself from my negative habits.

My negative habits are a part of my life that I am allowing to leave. Anything that fails to serve my life in a positive way is free to go. I avoid holding on to these negative behaviors.

I am 100% comfortable with being free of these habits.

I am quitting the habits that fail to serve my goals, health, and happiness. I consider how my habits impact my life, and I reject those habits that detract from my life. My goals, health, and happiness are more important to me than any habit.

I am strong enough to stop these behaviors from occurring in my life.

I am replacing my negative habits with positive habits. For each negative habit that I remove from my life, I create a new, more empowering habit.

These new habits are helping to create the life I most desire.

This process is easy for me. I find it easy to let go of negative habits. Once I realize that a habit is negative, I quickly remove it from my life. Positive habits are easy for me to create. When something supports my life in a positive way, I welcome it!

Today, I am eliminating my negative habits. I am allowing these habits to leave my life. I welcome new habits that serve a positive role in my life. I allow this to happen with ease.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Which of my habits is having a negative impact on my life? How would my life change if I no longer engaged in that behavior?
  2. What are my good habits? How do they impact my life?
  3. What are some other good habits that would support my life?
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