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Self-Reflections: I attract friends easily.

I build friendships without much effort. I am the kind of friend I would like to have.

I focus on being a loyal friend. I support my friends during challenging times and enjoy helping them. This allows me to attract friends easily. Others are drawn to me because of my personality and positive outlook on life.

I share a strong connection with my friends. I love sharing my life with others. The special friends in my life make living more meaningful and enjoyable.

In the past it was challenging to find friends, but now I am learning how to attract others and form positive friendships. I make every effort to smile, speak kindly, and interact pleasantly with others.

I find that the effort I put into my friendships is generously returned. My friends treat me well when I treat them well. My connections to my friends are apparent.

I am always searching for new people to befriend. I also look for opportunities to be a good friend to current acquaintances.

Today, I am focused on everything I can do to treat others, especially my friends, with love and respect. I look forward to making new friends and enhancing the friendships I already have. I face life with great friends by my side.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. Would I enjoy widening my circle of friends?
  2. How can I enhance the friendships I already have?
  3. What can I do to attract more friends?
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