Self-Reflections: I have the ability to change my life.

The power to change my life is within me. I have all the ability and strength of character I need to begin making significant changes in my life. While I can already make meaningful changes, my ability to change is growing even stronger.

I can change anything in my life that needs to be changed.

I can create the life of my dreams. I can easily picture the life I want to live. Once I know what I want, it is easy to begin the process of changing myself and my life. My vision for my life motivates me to make the necessary changes.

My past successes support my future success.

I remind myself of previous experiences that turned out successfully. Knowing that I have already made other positive changes makes it easier for me to believe I can make future changes.

I might occasionally struggle with change, but this is a sign that the change is very meaningful.

I get excited when I attempt to change something challenging. Success is certain but might take a little longer than planned. I am patient.

Today, I am making positive changes in my life. I embrace the challenge of change and expect positive results. I have the ability to change my life.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What are three things I want to change in my life? Why?
  2. What would I gain by changing those items?
  3. What has stopped me from changing so far?
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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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