Self-Reflections: I provide my children with what they need to be healthy and happy.

I am an excellent provider for my children. My children have everything they need to be happy and healthy. They are my greatest priority, and I live my life accordingly.

My children have access to medical care.

I take my kids to the doctor and dentist regularly for any necessary checkups or treatment. I provide my children with healthy food and exercise opportunities each day.

I provide my children with a safe place to live.

Our home is safe and is in a safe location. I prevent anyone that might have a negative influence on my children from entering our home. I only allow safe people and activities in my home.

My children have excellent educational opportunities.

My school district is excellent and provides my children with the education they need to pursue any career they desire. If any of my children needs extra help, I ensure that they receive it. I place a high priority on education.

My children have all the necessary social opportunities they need to thrive. They have the chance to interact with others in a safe environment.

Today, I am placing my children’s health and happiness first. I am ensuring that my children grow up to be healthy, happy, strong, and successful adults.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do my children need that I am failing to provide? What can I do about that?
  2. What do I do each day to ensure that my children are healthy and happy?
  3. Which of my children requires help? What type of help do they need?
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