Self-Reflections: I strengthen my skills.

I am eager to learn and grow. I work at mastering my skills.

I tackle new challenges. I believe I can achieve something extraordinary if I am willing to make the effort. I confront my fears. I venture beyond my comfort zone and set ambitious goals.

I take classes. I am dedicated to lifelong education. I am curious about the world around me. I delight in adding to my knowledge and wisdom.

I shadow other employees. Each of my colleagues can teach me something about adding to my skills.

I read books. I use my network to keep up with the thought leaders in my industry. I ask others for recommendations and share my favorite finds. Discussing my reading deepens my insights and helps me to discover practical applications.

I practice regularly. I am determined to master the tasks that are meaningful to me. I devote my time to the areas where I need to advance instead of resting on my past track record. I am patient about repeating the same steps until I can excel.

I welcome feedback. I ask for constructive criticism. I listen attentively, and act on their suggestions.

I evaluate my progress. I celebrate my victories and learn from my mistakes. I ask myself how I can become more effective and efficient.

Today, I feel inspired. I understand and utilize my strengths and gifts. I build on my skills so I can reach my potential.

Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What skills would I need for my ideal job?
  2. How can I find time in my daily schedule to stretch my skills?
  3. What is one skill I want to develop this month?
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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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