Self-Reflections: I use my emotions to my advantage.

My emotions serve me rather than guide me. When I am excited by something, I honor my interest and consider pursuing the thing that generates that positive emotion. In this case, my emotion is permitted to guide my attention.

However, I make the ultimate decision of whether or not to pursue this interest.

The thought of eating a particular food might give rise to a positive emotion. However, I understand that many enjoyable foods fail to support my health. In this case, I reject the recommendations of my emotions.

When I feel fear, I examine the cause of that emotion and determine a logical course of action. I understand that there are things in this world that create an emotion of fear in me that are actually harmless. Fear is just a sign that I should pay attention.

I decide logically and intelligently whether a person, action, or situation should be avoided.

Frustration, discontent, and boredom all deliver a message to me. These are sometimes signs that I should consider changing my tactics or objective. Again, I use these emotions as an alarm to examine the situation.

My emotions lack the power or authority to control my decisions. I make the final decision every single time.

Today, I use my emotions as a tool. I allow my emotions to speak to me, but I use my intellect to make my decisions. In this way, I use my emotions to my advantage.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When have I foolishly allowed my emotions to make my decisions for me? What would have been a better choice in each of those situations?
  2. What do I fear that I should be doing? Am I allowing my emotions to control me?
  3. Do I make my decisions based on logic and experience? If not, how would my life change if I did?
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