Self-Reflections: My business decisions align with my conscience.

I connect all aspects of my life with my conscience. My conscience controls my words, thoughts, and actions.

In the work environment, my decisions align with my conscience. At times, my resolve and moral backbone are tested by certain situations. I stand in support of my beliefs at all times.

I am vocal about my opinion when faced with any situation that threatens my integrity. I advise my co-workers and superiors that I am uncomfortable being in those situations. I openly request that my moral position be respected by others.

If a co-worker approaches me with a request, I provide a direct response. Even though my response to a situation may be unpopular, I stick to it.

I avoid creating false hope. Others lose trust in me if I create false hope. Gaining and keeping the trust of others in the workplace is very important to me.

I seek support and feedback from the wider team about my business decisions. I make choices from a moral standpoint, so everyone is aware of where I stand. Others refrain from trying to change my mind when they realize my decisions are grounded in my values.

Today, I pay very close attention to my conscience. I realize that once there is any doubt in my decisions, my best bet is to adjust my actions. My peace of mind is essential to doing the best job I can.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. When have I been asked to compromise my morals for the benefit of the company?
  2. What moral-based decisions have I made that have negatively impacted my job?
  3. How can I ensure that my decisions in the work environment are made with integrity?
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