Self-Reflections: My life is headed in the right direction.

I am pleased with the direction of my life. I am coming closer to my goals each day. The life I dream of living is becoming a reality.

My life is on course to become everything I want it to be.

I spend my time wisely. I choose my actions based upon my vision of the future. When I use my time well, my life grows in amazing ways.

I am very selective in how I use my time. I know that time is a non-renewable resource. Using my time well is showing respect to my life.

I have positive, supportive people in my life. As my life evolves, the right people show up in surprising ways. The people I need to have in my life appear as they are needed. These people help to drive my life in the right direction.

The life I am living is the right life for me. My life is a positive combination of my interests, strengths, and values. I am confident that I am making wise decisions, and that I have a set of goals that are right for me.

Today, I am continuing to make progress in my life. I avoid distractions and put my time and attention where they can be most productive. My life is headed in the right direction.


Self-Reflection Questions:

  1. What do I want my life to look like 10 years from now? If that is my objective, is my life headed in a direction that will allow this to happen?
  2. What should I be doing each day to ensure my life will become the life I desire?
  3. In what ways am I sabotaging my efforts? Why am I doing that?
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Luanne Mareen Goddess On Purpose
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